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Well has gonna talk with Exhibitor may she he He warns her. That otto seems inclined to keep tiffany this week That which is part of the plan that him island and a big deal talked about. Which is that if aasa votes to keep tiffany in the game then. Hopefully hannah will go after. A in retaliation So he is sort of helping azza as seems like she's She's tiffany here yet to watch out for that. He wants to know what hannah would do next week if she won. She says that thailand did not accept any of her deals so she would go after him. now this is the beginning of what will become a much better explanation of what she was talking to the cameras about the day before when it comes to how wanting to honor as many deals as possible or plans for next week. So we'll get into exactly what she intends to do next week. A little bit later. But it's Xavier does let. Hannah know that he he wants to keep her this week. I mean do we believe that fully that he wants to keep her that hannah will go after he wants to keep her. Oh yeah i mean. I think that xavier plans to keep hannah or sure. I don't think he wants to keep her. He has been convinced. Of course that that That the tiffany was probably better for his game but he is and he's going to say it's a big deal later but like you said winning that h wage cost seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. She's gotta go gotta okay. I'm just like okay. I don't think he wants to keep her there that long before. His personal game does make sense. I mean he's going out. I mean he's going after her next. We just over tiffany it also campaigns to aasa some more already got aha but she continues to campaign to sang. She really wants to work with allah and Gets the end with them. just further reinforces to odds of that. She wants tiffany to stay. Hand tries working on but really just was not having it. She's like this is why you should keep me as like i think that You know you and big d Would be very beneficial to my game. and as like okay we're beneficial to your game. Why does that tell me why. I should keep you why you so well was because you're beneficial to my game. I'm going to want to take you. That's how it works. I'm gonna wanna take you far in the game. It's like okay. You're still telling me why.

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