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Your company is at the top of the list. This messages from your friends at the kindness Revolution. He flew fighter jets in two wars and talk to you how to drive a car. He fed everyone on the block, but never shared his secret recipes. And every time he tell a story he'd own the room. But now more than ever, you may feel alone today. Older adults and their loved ones are struggling to connect in a time when connection has never been more important, But there is something we can do. Embraceable older loved ones through StoryCorps connect with StoryCorps Connect, you can honor seniors remotely with an interview about their life. Re interview will be archived at the Library of Congress becoming part of American history. So that years from now, future generations can listen in. All right, Grandpa was one piece of advice you have for me. Just Lee were sweetheart Live with courage man that had the best stories still has plenty of stories to tell. So connect virtually and share the conversation of a lifetime at StoryCorps Connect, not orc slash air Connect honor Share StoryCorps connect a message from AARP, StoryCorps and the Ad Council. I've been writing motorcycle for 52 years, I started having back pain turned into the knee pain. I couldn't even sit on a motorcycle is like you have to give up riding bikes, kinds of permanent a lakeside. I needed a hip replacement that's gonna do it through outpatient surgery panned out Great. Recovered overnight, was home by 11 o'clock the next morning. Glad I made the choice for permanent. I'm enjoying life. Every medical cases you nation of the United States to one A one B services. Russell, Maryland early If I keep listening to the rich Paul show, we'll show you howto be rich financially. Of course, we're in the second quarter here on the Rich Paul show with Steve and Rich Paul certified financial planners at R W Fallin Associates to 43 05 99 11 year.

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