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From the auto collision specialists studios and weld county. Commissioner scott james. I'm was going to ask you about the highlights of the legislative session. But try as i might. I really couldn't come up with any how about you. Will if you enjoy. Freedom if you enjoy fiscal conservatism. If you enjoy Personal responsibility and individual choice so over the state telling you how to live your life like wheel you kind of lost this time around everything from plastic bag and styrofoam bans to this boondoggle. That was a senate bill to sixty. I love your state. Senators rankin scott writing about this incomplete. Colorado calling it a false of goods. But hey i will hand it to the democrat side of the aisle because they did figure a work around around table they did and as matt gray the the one of the house Sponsors has said many times he's a taper attorney and i'm sure he'll remind you if if the ascom but he they have found that work around around the the will of the paper the people rather so does send a bill to sixty fly in the letter of the law certainly does does it plan to spirit the law. There's absolutely no way. Excuse me took a separate coffee. It went down the wrong pipe happens radio but you know it's interesting. Independence institute came out with a study talking about how much all of this legislation could cost. It could result in a six hundred seventeen million dollar a year increase in taxes and fees taxes by any other name and that depends on revenue estimates and again. This came out of the independence institute. Ben murray The think tanks fiscal policy director and just have to wonder. Is there any Turning this around sixty four million or thousand dollar question or you know millions. Thousands is all the fees not taxes. But i i. I don't know the the the the current ruling administration seems to think that to fees and taxes are okay. We are still having that conversation about how we fund transportation in colorado although after senate bill to sixty someone say that that conversation over is over. It's it's gotta be by an increase peas. I still think we have to get to some sort of equitable way of of paying for our transportation. Yes we have not had a a gas tax increase in over thirty years. Yes the gas. Tax highway users tax fund is is a a regressive tax so to speak and yes it is a attacks that that is diminishing as as cafe standards increase the tax tax receipts that receive on gasoline. Go down but they're still going to be a way for the people who pay who use the transportation system to pay for it and it's got to boil down to a vehicle. Miles traveled formula. But of course the privacy advocates. Then have a very valid point of well. Are you going to track me. And and so the conversation continues kill suck a little bit about how spill twelve sixty six. This is that Environmental justice disproportionate impacted convenient. What does that mean. i don't know they cut a fight. Environmental justice they haven't environmental justice Ombudsman i i always thought justice to be served and champion for an individual and not in an environment i asked on zoom calls to find for me environmental justice and nobody could define define it i. I've asked how will we know in environmental justice has been achieved and no one could tell me that they wrote it in any way. I think because nothing more than had been it feels good. I please define for me. What environmental justice kids. What is at least for my money. It's kind of a nebulous concept right. I mean where does it start. And where does it end. And perhaps that's the point they exactly that's appointed because because those who want to tell you how to live your lives. Love descr skate around the gray area and this is nothing but grey area. There's no true definition no standard to be met and So once the once you think you have achieved environmental justice. No there's more justice to be extracted and so brass us few you sense of frustration in my voice. It's it's certainly there. It was a frustrating legislative session. That sums it up well Turning to cova da were finally emerging. Thanks to The availability of vaccines. There's a new one out. The seems to be no of acts that seems to be just as effective as the pfizer and moderna vaccines but Things loosening up Not only around the state around the country But in weld county as well just had the opportunity to talk to a doctor. Pilch greeley evans school district. Six and this was prior To school board meeting spoke with her on monday but we talked a little bit about well. What the new normal is going to look like. And you just had greeley evans school district six least for the moment relaxing mask requirement. So that's a good thing. I depended who you think. That's a good thing. But i think it's even better thing. When that local governing body decides what is best for its school district. And i think it is a very good thing when when when when when teachers and students and when parents work together to achieve what is is right for their schools i if anything. We have raised the parental awareness of exactly how much authority a school board has. And how important it is at the parent be in touch with that school board at school board meetings and then bank antibody involved with the education of their child now meanwhile the oil and gas wars continue just another face of the grand rural urban divide in colorado throughout the state grill trip doing a great series on weld county energy to get your take on. That is very pleased with With the tribune on on the reporting did in that part series about about well county energy Especially in the one that most recently appeared the partout the way they talked to a couple of our folks to to to director parco into the director Maxi and they both kind of hit the nail on the head about energy in weld county truly does coexist Oil and gas is not mutually exclusive with with solar not mutually exclusive with the wind. In fact they aid one another. And i have been a proponent. All along of choice in energy of a of an energy diversity of of abroad energy portfolio of an all the above policies so to speak to where they they work with one another to energize well county and in colorado in the nation. And and that's what we're doing here in weld. County is energizing a state in the nation. And we do so with a diverse mix of energies. Well you know wind and solar okay parts of not a replacement four back in xactly and that is what's been frustrating about Hospital twelve sixty six about senate to sixty is they simply want to eliminate one when they all need to work together at if i may be so bold in a certain gail it's all just bridge energies until we get the idea. Jn hydrogen you and i will see in our lifetimes. And that's a solution. That's the answer. Hydrogen nuclear powers. That's where the future lies. And and and everything that we use now this diversity of energy that we have now is a bridge power to what's nixon the future in weld county. We want to to have an all the above policy as as we look towards a cleaner future so to speak and i think that lies in energy technologies that we've yet to discover or that we're working on and are just outside the grasps of being truly applicable in inner everyday lives. But you and i will see it. Our lifetimes and hydrogen and and and those kind of new technologies excite me..

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