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Russ Meyer, JFK, Muhammadu Mbeki discussed on 24 Hour News


In effect there is no gotha lsat average crossing all looking okay here's what else you need to know about the bridges and tunnels fifty ninth street bridge in midtown tunnel and the upper east river crossings doing okay i'm russ meyer next forty thirty one on tan tan win wins news time eight twenty three that suspect who escaped ice custody at jfk earlier this week mac under lock anki tonight muhammadu mbeki was in chicago police say sipping a cup of coffee at a little coffee shop near the amtrak station downtown thirty one year old had been described by authorities as dangerous he fled from officers late tuesday after they removed his handcuffs so we can make it through the airport security and then he fled from the airport by hailing a cab balki was in the process of being deported back to senegal when he escaped now after being brought back to brooklyn me will start that process all over again well here's the megan mania five hundred twenty one million big ones the cash option would pay three hundred seventeen million unless you want to take the money and run and of course you'll spread it out over twenty nine year and annuities will have the winning numbers later on tonight but first carol de oria speaking with some of the hopefuls tonight the nega millions jackpot is already going north of five hundred twenty one million dollars and diane is counting up all the way she can spend that money my son's getting married not talbert tally is on that hopefully i'll retire on it and share it with my family i hope this is the beginning of my good luck listen to walter there is not a chance that he'd spend two bucks for a mega millions ticket i never play because i i know i never go to win lucky guy nike actually the chances of anyone winning is one in three hundred two million carol your attention wins.

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