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Maybe it's aching knees and joints while the doctors at novocure helped me making help you to Melissa they're covered by most major insurance companies. They have to valley locations, and they have unique in some cases patented treatments that could help you begin living pain free today. So regardless of where you're chronic pain. Is regardless of how it got there. Give the doctors at novocure a chance to help you start fresh. All right. Listen, it's easy. You give them a call at four zero eight five five six six eight six zero eight five five n o v o for novocure. Arizona cold air knows you have a lot of choices when it comes to air conditioning companies. And they encourage you to buy in person from a local reputable, Arizona company like Arizona cold air rated A plus by the Better Business Bureau and they're proud to work with American standard heating and air conditioning. The brand consistently rated number one by consumers and for a limited time. Arizona cold air will install a free WI fi thermostat with every new American standard unit. Call today Aaron AirAsia cold air six zero two two five to twenty one thirty one Arizona cold air six zero two two five to twenty one thirty one have you ever stopped to wonder what's that guy saying when he talks real fast at the end of those commercials dealer stock number one zero eight seven six prices or the interest rate based on everyone finance your credit history. And if you bring donuts, which I've talked about what Joe. Chuck what zero percent financing for well-qualified buyers qualify buyers, probably chew with your mouth open. Do you think that guy actually works at the car dealership to drink the car? No, it doesn't please by the car. So I can bible the fast talking.

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