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Fast. He got sick, secret service guys, watching your swing, and you can't yell. Eddy Merckx get mad at him or you could get shot or at least arrested. So that's that's a little bit different as you go to. So we're playing at Preston trail President Bush. Yeah, a little sore back nine out some of this lotion that's really helped my I got a sore hip. It's helped me put some, put it on. He plays nine holes and does. Okay. And that's the president or how you doing, are you okay? And they said you ask still takes more touch more, put it on him. He does. We get through eighteen and I said, Mr. President enjoyed it. Listen, I know you can get anything you want, but if you wanna keep this lotion, he said, coach, I don't wanna keep that lotion. I don't think any good at all. Just been nice putting it on the back. And I made way we're playing with friends and he picks on you every swing. Oh, yeah. No, no. Hey, big, win. Their coach got got big wind in your face where you got six. Oh, oh my gosh. You're gonna have left to hard to get there. I mean, that's President Bush's. So competitive. He never ever is quite what's what's what's ws game, like, I mean, is can. Can he bring it. It can bring it. He's he's probably thirteen. Okay. But he's he, he's so competitive on every shot. And that's where he, he makes it to not. Do you talk smack back to the president? Like if he ectomy I couldn't help it. I would be like, oh, it's like that now. Well, when you got six armed guards behind. Done. You're a little bit more cautious with your your trash talking. When you guys want said at the, he made a big quite and I ran over the chest bumping, they made a long putt or something. He was my partner and I ran over to chest pumping. One of the guys that coach go easy. Don't move to when you run into the president. So I, I got it so so they're there what the secret services watching EV, even though your Mack Brown, we, they know who you are. He knows you. They're watching you this way. They're they're in golf carts about fifteen yards behind us, and they're just making sure that the president is the course shut down to the public. How does it I'm more curious about this and anything now. So private club, the Preston hollow area is other people out. There houses go, no, he plays with people out there. You just have security all around and he's, he's eating lunch. He's laughing. His, it's funny is got like, fill is got one of the best personalities of ever saying. And sometimes it's it's, it's like when I was coaching I go to, yes, PF is our bosses that, oh my gosh, you've really got opinions as a coach. We thought you had coach. Speak. You didn't know anything else about that. That's what you do. I mean, you don't, you're, you're talking to recruits mob. You're talking the dad, you're talking to the minister your dog hospital coach here you're talking to your legal counsel. I mean, he got ninety seven people you're talking to. When you answer every question that was President Bush, he the the, the, what we saw in the public with President Bush at a press prom is not at all. It is so much fun cut up a laughs. He picked that you, he is. He is just such a joy to be around. And fact we were eating at a restaurant in Dallas. The the night we play, we're sitting in the corner and where with friends and and it's a small restaurant there in Dallas and nobody could pay him from behind in a couple of Texas booster. So mean they came up said, what about the Vince young? What about this? What about that? And President Bush actually turn to my wife Sally and says he won't talk about Putin or any. Anything this, this liberty must be a real bear for MAC. But that's he just he's fun. I really enjoy being around the president. It sounds the experience of the things that you got to do from golf is ads. It's phenomenal. Would golf is done..

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