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Pierre thomas hubbard you protests erupted lawmakers proposing the new law banning socalled sanctuary city earlier this month the protesters getting inside the house sparking a scuffle between legislators one state representative told others that he'd called the immigrations and customs enforcement on the protesters you get what and he said yes i called us the turks is required to comply with federal authorities that request local law enforcement detain those suspected of being in the country illegally and allows officers to ask anyone when they're detaining about their immigration status something critics say is an invitation pool report the trump administration withhold federal funding to sanctuary cities those limits cooporation with federal immigration enforcement you knew issued an executive order in january tying billions in federal funding to immigration enforcement in order that was blocked last month by federal judge some cities including new york philadelphia chicago are posing the trump administration immigration crackdown the justice department is threatening to deny grass those that don't comply abc's pierre thomas president trump is urging republican leaders to change senate rules and approve sweeping tax cuts trump tweeted that it could be done fast and easy if a 60vote threshold is lower to a simple majority of fifty one in the senate he said the house healthcare bill should also be taken up quickly the president also predicted the democrats would do it no doubt nothing is likely to happen quickly in the senate on taxes or healthcare komo.

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