Apple, Google, Microsoft discussed on Android Central Podcast - 356: Dial D for Duo


Well the one plus whatever on plus as a company jerry is in a bit of hot water on we heard over the weekend of warlord and we heard in the last couple of days again because this is something that came to light janury but nobody really noticed while plus hat it's it's analytics tracks what you do on your phone but not only that it takes a little bit further what what are you what are you hearing about this i i hate what they did they uh i mean they're they're they they don't completely anonima as it because they're also collecting identification earth dana that identifies you though phones the the the phones imei the phone serial number this is one plus the people you sent the money to to buy the phone with the serial number they sent to you if they had the serial number they have your name and i don't like that at all then we find out that it it's opt out but we've hidden the setting in the setting is labelled something completely different and they're not trying to trick anybody they just didn't want to bring any extra attention to what they're doing and when it comes down to it every other company ship for apple in google and microsoft does the same exact thing so what are they trying to learn from you when they captured this they they number one they want to they they look for hardware issue software bugs you know if your phone crashes or apt crashed eight they get that kind of data which is good is l you know that that's something reasonable and they look for how you use your phone are you.

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