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To make predictions will the rafters upset the warriors and win the title. Tomorrow's headline today aimed for tonight. I, I think the raptors will probably win the NBA finals. I think they're going to win the title and Colin the headline will be yawn kind of over. It already aren't you? I'm it's been a bad final. Let's be honest. I didn't think the last game had any juice. I mean listen we're talking about the three biggest stories in the finals involve Drake on the sideline with Steph curry Draymond green. We got the owner minority owner of the warriors, shoving a player and Kevin Durant sitting out because he's injured those are the three storylines. Imagine the Super Bowl. Okay. And one of the biggest stars did not play in the game. That's what we're looking at. Here. Kevin Durant best player in the NBA not even plane. And we have that. Well, it'd be Mike hungrily without Mike. Mike, jordan. Michael Jordan out of the finals. That's what we're talking about here like LeBron bird magic yet. There's no listen. I love basketball but I have found myself the editor night. I was sitting there thinking, God, this feels likeness Sacramento against Dallas, just had no Jews that bad. But people when I when I mentioned putting an Asterix by the title people freaked out on the couple of days ago, and it was one of those situations, where when you look at the Cavs losing to the warriors in two thousand fifteen people said, we'll know Kevin love and Kyrie. Those are the second and third best players. Okay. Kevin Durant is the best player. We establish that a long time ago. If the best player doesn't play I just it's tough to get into this game. We're talking about Quinn cook and Jonas Gerashchenko Colin like those guys are also seeing great players like boogie who are not at one hundred percent sees. Yeah. I mean it's there's There's something. something to it been yawn inducing. Let's be real Friday night game four is this mandatory for you tonight. Or you kind of it's funny. It I'll watch it. But it I don't I always try to be a consumer..

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