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You as always my garage doors of Indianapolis Continuing now, my conversation. With Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and instead of filled in for Tony Cats on Friday on the morning show, and I'll be in form again on Monday. We'd love to have you tuning in being a part of the program and as part of the show on Friday, I had a chance to sit down and chat with Indiana Attorney General Curtis L. Of course, he issued that six page advisory opinion memo on the masked man. Did you see a white mask mandate from the governor of Indiana? Eric Holcomb, and what the attorney general said is this is illegal. It should not go forward. And so in the last thing that we kind of talked about how he came up with that about what he looked at about what he saw, but I put the memo together. And in the second part of our conversation here, we're going to talk about what we can do is people about what the state of Indiana Khun duo about what the Legislature who asked him to look into this to issue that advisory opinion to begin with what they can do here is the second part of our conversation from your perspective. What is the step forward for people who are upset people who are you know you're a man of the law. You know the law. You know how this works. There's a lot of people all across the state that are really upset that this happened. Do they have a legal recourse right now? What processes do they do? They take when they say. The attorney general even says this is wrong. What can we do to make it not so well. One of the problems with the proposed order that was announced in the press conference is that it criminalizes behaviour of a person not wearing a mask that becomes a class B misdemeanor. But then the governor went on to say that there were there was not going to be any mask police so there's not going to be an enforcement. Well, the last thing we need on this, this fight against the covert 19 is lack of information or misinformation or confusion over what to do. So it begs the question if you're not going to enforce The statute then, then why do we have the statute and that breeds a lack of confidence in government by the people? I think that's what we're hearing and seeing a great deal when it comes to mask getting into the issue that that's in dispute now by people who want to wear masks and people who don't It's largely because we have received bad information from day one on let's not wear mass and we're not going to mass because it doesn't help. Oh, no, we're going to go. You're going for mass because we don't have enough. Then it goes to. Well, you could wear a mask, but it only works one way and not the other Two. Everybody has to wear a mask. People are not getting good information and they're getting fed up, and that's a real problem that we're seeing on a regular basis. We're going to do a little civics, 101 with the attorney general here, and we're so glad you spend some extra time with this guy. This is really important. And it's important for a lot of people to who may not have thought this through before. You understand how this works because all you've said, and this order was really well written, and I'm really glad you did. It is look again. I'm not weighing in on master telling you there's a way we do things around here. And this dude being Holcomb Has skipped a lot of the process. On several occasions. The executive orders are designed to enforce laws on the books correct like it gives him the ability to a force enforce laws passed by the Legislature, enforce laws or suspend laws. It's a it's a broad authority. It basically provides the executive branch with a nimble ability to operate. In a quick pattern in a time where legislative engagement would just be too cumbersome. Does he know that? Well, you have to ask. You have to ask him. I I certainly believe that it's it's it's certain it should be clear that the emergency power is designed for acute issues because I'm just floored that you have something that is this big deal and he knows it's going to be controversial. He knows Regardless of what side you're on, people going to be upset. And he's got your office who your you are the largest statewide office holder office, right. The attorney general's You've got all these people at your disposal, and he doesn't reach out to anyone to go. Does this work? Well, it's one of the things that that is certainly troubling because we're there to help. We don't have a dog in the fight. As I said, we make it very, very clear, in the opinion that this is not about my opinion about masks anybody's opinion about mass. The science In fact, we make the point that people should wear mass. We encourage it. The science is pretty clear that the masks are helpful. That's fine. This is about our constitution and maintaining a system in place that can be relied upon by the people that people have got to be in a position to rely on their government. Couple minutes left here with Indian Attorney General Curtis L. You are a man of the law. I don't think I know about the law scene on television mat lock Perry Mason. So I'm asking stupid question here. Law. Why don't you tell me if it is or if it's good? You could say great question and answer it. What can you do now? Because you've obviously waited and said, I think this is wrong. Do you have recourse to stop it? What is the process from inside your office? Well, keep in mind what we did was we responded to an inquiry by the members of the General Assembly. We did not take up the action in our own, right. Eso we've completed that process. We were asked to weigh in on our belief and what the appropriateness or inappropriateness of this particular move, Wass. We've done that. From that standpoint, then we wait to see if the General Assembly has further requests of our services. We were waiting if the governor's office has requested. They want to contact us for consult with us. In terms of our opinion. We're happy to do so. From that standpoint until anything further goes, we don't have a process in place. When we wrote the advisory opinion yesterday, the proposed order was just that. I'm not aware that an actual order has actually been executed. At this point. There has been a history of of announcing what the orders would be followed by the actual executive orders. So none of us have seen at least to my knowledge. I'm not aware that the executive order has actually been executed. So who knows what we'll end up occurring going forward, So I'm just gonna throw a name out of a hat from what I follow in Social media. Let's take Jim Lucas, who is a state rep from Seymour came to you and said, I think this is wrong. I want to take action. It would take the house or members of the house coming to you. Someone making that request for you to seek further action or go forward from here. Well, we would We would look at whatever request came in. I can't say that whatever requests would come in would be things that we would be. Obligated to do or even statutorily responsible for doing so we would make sure that it's within our authority on then proceed accordingly. Based upon request. He's the attorney general for the state of Indiana. Curtis Hill. Thank you so much for my friend. It's great seeing person. Thank you. Rob's great to be here, but that was the attorney general for the state of Indiana, Curtis Hill. And look, I've heard many people since this advisory opinion came out. Well, Curtis has got an axe to grind with Governor Curtis is mad at the governor because the governor was very awful to Curtis. I mean, we just call it what it was. And then the governor called on Curtis to resign when there was an allegation against without any proof. Don't we? No criminal charges were filed. No ethics violations were found. Curtiss beat that case in court and let the governor played a big part in Curtis's defeat. You would be naive. You'd be kidding yourself..

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