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However some people stared at stare. It's okay it's all right but still be on your toes. still be on your toes. You can't you can't can't kick can't just let somebody look you down with the death. Stare a not say anything. This whole anger management classes. And all of that stuff. It helped me at that point in time that moment decades decades decades ago. It helped me understand a lot of things. It help inform me of just not taken a lot of people too seriously because some peop- some goose some people are goose in it is okay to steal a no judge zone and see see. I like this no judge zone. I like this no judge zone. I can switch it up either. I can see it's move. I can see anger aggression. I can see it like i'm ranting and raving and i can see it like i'm just sitting down talking to you right in front of your face and we're having a serious conversation about anger management and about all the things that you would need to do to. I hope you stand that. See i am or multitalented i- multi-talented that's why peeps. That is why. I can't continue being the leader of the mouth breathing. Somebody's gotta take that position. Somebody's gotta take the job. I don't know who yet. I don't know who yet all i know. Is i mad about it. You can stare i mad about it. You can say just about anything. I mad about it. Hey you could say worse. The same words is going to roll right off. See am classes was fire. That's my that's my a long short short long version of saying. Hey if you need help in any form in any way it's okay it is okay. This is a no judge zone. We don't judge here. You need help. Go ahead and reach out and get the help that you need. Psa from me..

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