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Think losing my mind. Josh you're talked about the agile Rick Devon's climbing up a tree, and that was a subject that many of the Wanda of artists were thinking about as well as we get into the episode number twelve one off we're going to kick things off here with Kyrie and Alex talking about what Rick Devon's had to do to get an idol. Yes. He's a news. His bag loves. Tony Kornheiser to he's a fun guy has clip. Freddie shirks in men. While he might be the pill. Now, he's. Two. With his. That was a classic from big, Tom petty. Nice. I thought that there is about to be a lyric about farm guy sixty-nine, and I misheard. Josh next up is big Irene and big. Irene was also talking about where the hidden immunity idol is found this week. Was. Everyone's hoping. I can't believe. Exaggerate. That was a duet from Kenny Rogers Sexton and Dahlie Neely pardon. That's a very unlikely. Humans extremely. Josh more on Rick Devon's and his hidden immunity idol and the two sides of Rick Devon's from Jason Lee. To the to lead to be secret. I'll go get it right now. Yes, I will. Yes. I will. People think maybe that I found the idol. I. Relation right now. I can. But I won't but I won't. All the peop- in consumer baggage. Or some kind of I'll play the menu that give into but it doesn't work because the big jerk. Did you just want to dry nicotinic stupid? So that my kids see this. Eighty. The idol for myself gyms. That was from the hit musical. Annie, get your cow ski gun. Get your cows. Not my Caskey. No, you're Caskey, always yours. Never mind. That was great. This is off to nominal start. Like a lot of. -vivor very good. They'll wand off is very heavily weighted about Rick Devon's. Yes. Next up on not sure why we got this wand off this week. But it's about some of my favorite quotes from the season. Here's.

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