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If you look at the epidemic throughout Florida, it's a more severe in some parts than others. And I think that you should recognise that, But I also think No, We just got to be guided by by the evidence and the data and make sure that we're putting the interests of kids first and giving parents the choices that they deserve. The governor distanced himself from an executive order issued by his secretary of education, which required brick and mortar schools to be open five days a week. At the same time, attorneys for the Florida Education Association of filed a lawsuit in Miami seeking to overturn that emergency order. One of the lead attorneys in the case, Kendall Coffey, says students have a constitutional right to a safe education that is not available under science under the evidence under federal criteria. That simply is not available yet and until it hears it would be and we think we're very solid on this a constitutional violation. FDA president Federic Ingram says the decision on reopening schools should rest with local school boards and superintendents. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is calling the scene of Friday night's triple homicide in Davenport, one of the worst he's ever seen. Three man, Brandon Rollins, Kevin Springfield and Damon Tillman were killed when they showed up at a local lake to go fishing. All three were beaten and shot to death. Judd tells news radio. W F FELLAS AM Tampa Bay. They have to find those responsible now we've got to get them. Out of the community and locked up before they kill someone else, and there's no reason for them not to kill again. They've already killed three. Judd says Crime stoppers and other agencies of up the rewards of $30,000 for any information that would lead to an arrest. Pasco County Middle School teacher is dead after going into cardiac arrest and testing positive for covert 19 Rene Dermot was a teacher at seven Springs Middle School. I'm Reid Shepherd News Radio Wofl a A strong day for the stock market, with the big tech rally in the S and P, now joining the NASDAQ and erasing all its losses for the year and then some. Theis and he had a gain of 70.8% and turned positive for the year, while the NASDAQ rebounded from last week's losses and jumped to 1/2 percent, closing at another all time high. The Dow and it's slightly positive, up nine points. Amazon led the charge in tech stocks rising nearly 8% after positive analyst reports. One analyst predicted that Amazon will benefit from behavioral changes brought about by the pandemic that have permanently increased online consumption. Other e commerce stocks gained two, including Wayfair, etc. And Shopify. Texas based Noble Energy jump more than 5% afterward of a rare oil bus deal. It is being scooped up by Chevron at a bargain due to the pandemic oil futures, meanwhile, into the day with a slight gain from Bloomberg. I'm Mona Rivera for news radio. W F L A Great deals on the RAM 1500.

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