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Always had us to is at least you'd never wanted to try to try to try to tackle bronco by yourself. You're breaking his collarbone. You're breaking news breaking something some sand like you know it. S what anybody that's that follow like the nba. You know when bronco shack was so unstoppable in his heyday with you. Know with especially with the lakers. And all this recognized when the pistons ended up beating Shack in two thousand four championship. It was like the pistons like built their team around the eventuality that they would have to face shack in the two thousand four finals in figure out some way to just slow him down. I mean like that team like you know there was one moment in the during the two thousand four season where where where they actually you know. Spend loss blocks. Jack shot and that was like at that moment. Anybody that was really following the pistons like they can beat the lakers they can. They can slow him down. They have a chance. And that's and that's what. I like to equate that with the you. Know the lions at this time because th- because the thirty year after year after year it was always the bears find stopping them in their tracks. The bears the bears. The bears were always have. They beat him in the first thanksgiving game. They beat them all the way back to nineteen thirty two when there were horses spartans through and then all of a sudden and then thirty five they finally beat the bears. They beat him on thanks. They hide him. That the game before thanksgiving and then they beat them on thanksgiving so they are finally able to overcome brooklyn gerski. Sme like that story of the The sort of symmetry with that. I like to equate it with the two thousand four pistons where they were able to finally figure a way to at least neutralize shack long enough for them to use their own website to win. Because that's how it was is that they were able to finally figure out a way to slow. You know just just in one of the reasons they they got. Chuck bernard for the nineteen thirty four championship. Ninety three eighty four season. They they got chuck bernard and michigan. Was that in is Chuck bernard had shown that he was able to stop bronco by himself in because the thirty four to three guys after exactly thirty four thirty four in the because of the way it used to occur was in after team won a championship. Nfl championship the college. All stars okay. So the one thousand nine hundred. Four college is the one thousand thirty four championship. Bears played.

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