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But both with him lying in state here in Washington as well. Was the ceremonies to tell her and you know, he it's it's worth reminding ourselves that in a country that's this divided their people as devoted to what he stood for, as there are who are devoted to the Trump message, and Onda. Actually, there are people who believe in both. And then that's one of the curious things about this country that people can feel drawn to both of those kinds of men, both of those kinds of messages. And last story that kind of ties it all together. You guys, I think this was the most remarkable piece in the Martian imposed today was The interview with an 88 year old man and an historical rarity. He's the living son of a slave. We always think of slavery's being something so disconnected so part of the distant past. This man's father was owned by White Americans. That's Incomprehensible, right? It really is. It's just one of those strange flukes. Where somebody you know who was who was a child. It was a slave as a child. Um, you had had a child himself related life. And so if you do the math, it is technically possible. And it did happen. And now you have an elderly man who is indeed the son of a slave. And it just shows you how close we are to that time, you know? You can spin that either way and say, Look at the extraordinary progress the society has made since then, where you can say, you know, we haven't come far enough. But whatever your view is on that it does kind of create intimacy with that experience that we rarely think of. Reminds me of the time this physicist told me that the corks that were created at the Big Bang. If he had a microscope, you could look in your hands and they would be in your hands and I said, I just washed my hands, He said then that Mark S Oh yeah, we'll keep our fingers crossed with baseball. I don't want the season and I would love to find a way to do it. On the other hand, I feel in some ways that's you know, it's entertainment for us at other people's expense. I guess it's a balance. You be? Well, stay safe. We'll talk again soon. Thank you so much. Yeah, That's senior editor of The Washington Post. Mark Fisher joining us here on KGO coming up. Should the San Francisco church get sued for spreading covert. That's next. Big Mac Chicken McNuggets, No Big Mac and quarter pounder with cheese or filet O fish. You'd be doing the same thing.

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