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That they can use the water more efficiently i don't know the numbers have them front of me but and their abilities really impressive not only water use but also if they're it's all run off of pellets energy in toll complicated computer system that senses how much there is and how much you know win to pull the shades off and the pretty amazing system that out wow wow wow okay so that we're back in the hundred square feet behind the punk record shop of the punk thing on helps us imagine where we are in time it's great so all right so you are you're in your sister in your early twenties in you decide you're going to do this in your in a hundred square feet and then what happened like how did you grow so you had you said in six months you had six hundred members and were they actively shopping or it's sometimes when these cops are trying to get started they get members people sign up to be a member but they don't shop and then that kind of falls apart so yeah i should see that happening that these guys all came out of their way through the loud postings to the back of the store where we were and yes they were they were signing up and they were actively shopping until it just must have been the right place at the right time for all these people that really want to go out of the way and do it and i think one thing that did help which has changed since then is that we were all one hundred percent volunteer run into everybody all the owners were usually workers and they were we call them hands on owners and they're pretty invested so they'd be at their shifts they'd be saying you know what food we had and they tell their friends about it and they just were more involved with that i think that that really helping in the early in the initiating days or sure so okay so how long did you stay in that in your hundred square feet so i think it was about a little less than a year or there in the at the time you know digital music was coming up and into the records were kinda going out and so their business with shrinking ours was growing places with he did that for another year and we have like the larger storefronts area and just continue to grow that way and and then we we were actually private buying club because we didn't have the right facility that we need to okay 'cause drains and stuff to to the public so you had to be a member owner to come in stop and you wanted to be open to the public immune wanted to be able to take evt's and and things like that and be more accessible so so we got an offer from some people were in the downtown area reno and this little tiny five hundred square foot building but it had really good visibility on court on a corner kind of busy corner downtown and so they offered they offered us that space and so we took it on and.

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