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Found on parchment and in pencil and they didn't keep any parchment paper in the apartment. Wow so the dow brings its own panel. Has its own supplies and a lot of the little story surrounding the dow happened to lou. one account said. He awoke one day to find the dow trying to choke him except with the christmas tree. That probably wouldn't have had in another story says that he heard something in the closet and open the closet door. He waited for the noise to stop and then he went into the closet to find that the doll was in there. What was the delta wing. Another loose story Which is the most significant Was that he was in the apartment one afternoon. While donna and angie were out any heard noises like summited broken into the apartment coming from donna's room so he went into the room. He found no signs of break in but found the dow lying face down on the ground. Suddenly he felt a searing pain in his chest. And look down to find bloody claw marks running across it two days later. They had vanished without a trace now. Is that something you've heard of people getting claw marks. I have to getting scratches like that. I've gotten them before for investigations. And such i wake up with random bruises and scratches so. We'll we'll talk more about it later but we'll definitely bring that one up in the debate. But i just was curious if you had an experience with bub right so angie. Donna invited a medium over to help them figure out what was going on the medium. Performed a seance in discovered that the dow was by a five to seven year. Old child named annabelle higgins whose body had been found years earlier on the site where the apartment building had been built. The medium claimed that the spirit was benevolent and simply wanted to be loved and cared for the two..

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