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As well I'm Elliott Doshman our next reported a thirty one on ten ten wins wins news time eight twenty two. wind and rain telling not even half the story what's happening in the Bahamas sound and fury of massive hurricane Dorian lingering they're forcing millions also the U. S. already undergo mandatory evacuation orders formally a cat five but even a cat for. Doreen turned deadly Bahamas prime minister Hubert Minnis says at least five people there have died in the Abaco islands many in green nearby ground Bahamas said to be in serious distress to rescue crews says they'll get a say they'll get their news weather conditions allow at least one storm related deaths reported in Porter Rico as well and there's where the hurricane pulverized houses left countless home online. you don't have to be towards foreign affairs minister for the Bahamas Darren Henfield there earlier national hurricane center in Miami said the Dorians maximum sustained winds were a hundred fifty five miles per hour taking the extremely danger storm down a notch to the category four storm the U. S. Coast seems to be next in the path of the hurricane exactly where and when remain open question the timing of the storm is allowing for some but limited time to hunker down or get out the Labor Day holiday is put less people on the road to allow for evacuations and officials want limited outdoor activity for at least a couple more days classes.

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