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On the Supreme Court handed the man in Florida two in one later we found the Florida actually voting majority of Floridians voted for Al Gore and then Donald Trump gets in office with help from from Russia among others early you AT and others and Saudi Arabia so I mean we literally have not had a legitimate Republican president in the United States elected legitimately since Dwight Eisenhower this is the Thom Hartmann program and now all of this illegitimacy is kind of neat to reaching a crescendo and it could lead us into World War three and welcome back Kotter in Reno Nevada Hey Connie what's on your mind he could question I looked all over and I cannot find the name of the contractor in Iraq who was supposedly killed which makes me very suspicious that actually happened or if there was some injuries and they just kind of embellish the story the other thing is in trouble of the agent he could join the armed forces and open a can a woman yeah you could the he might be even a little I know you think you can't be too old to join I I think you can join all the way up into your forties or fifties probably but yeah yeah a a there was side and Abby speaking of Eric Connie there was a I saw this over on I think was on do you the the a sign at the evangelical conference where Donald Trump is speaking today which is a huge violation of the tax laws you know of a church sponsoring a presidential rally basically and there's a giant sign out front god said something like me to keep America great and then on the lower left hand side is a Donald Trump twenty twenty and lower hit right inside a sitter trump twenty twenty four it's like listen how bad does the schedule got a thanks a lot of the call it's great to hear from you I I appreciate thank you Leslie in central square New York a Leslie what's on your mind today Ron Hubbard a I'm good I I got to talk about that nobody's talked about no Kathy knows affected would build by our speech he made about two weeks ago the American people threatening them with the police going out bear well let's start with number if you remember yeah yeah it was sent to a Catholic group that he was speaking as I recall but yes we our own but out everybody I've seen it many times yeah well yeah it was there anybody yet read the American people he says I'm as I recall what he said was if you're not going to respect the police then maybe the police will come to help you when you need it or words to that our act right yeah we get rid of them yeah they don't want us to run them you get rid of all I don't understand we are your firearm hello all you mean fire bill Barr no you fire burned up he left the police if they don't do their job yeah yeah been over and and that's and that's part of their within you know police officers are sworn to protect their their community and may you know regardless of whether they like their community or the community likes them and you know it's probably part of the room one of the tougher parts of the job of being a police officer is that is that you know you've got to be nice to people you know don't like you and yeah yeah but at least respectful of them yeah and yeah and and and and and and frankly as long as we've got good bad cops and there's certainly a lot of them out there then and I say that because even if there's just a very small number of highly corrupt cops or you know racist cops or killer cops the fact that the other police are protecting them essentially in defending them and you know means that the entire the entire battle has been apples has been contaminated by that you know one bad apple kind of thing so it is and it's something we need to we need to deal with we need to have.

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