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What, what would you say? Yeah. So to me. Eight. Comes back to the general manager in the programming side of things. And that's I shouldn't even say, bro scouting because per Filadelfia, they got a lot of contributions from UDF as and stuff like that. But aid comes back down to be able to identify players in the market who will be at their most successful in your system, and you can plug in with at least scheduled in scripted changes. If not the least amount of changes to what you're gonna do possible. And so that way they can step in at least be situational players in like, you know, we beleaguer Corey Graham on this podcast. We've had a great time doing. It made a lot of money for the past few years, just being mean, to a man who we've never met in Corey Graham, grams knowledge of Schwartz system, allows them to not change as much when he's on the field, while we easily remember the plays like for fifteen against Tennessee was appointed note, like Graham out there playing the flattened cover to just not what he does he didn't wrong. That was stupid, a veteran never should not excusing it. But Graham's ability to just play in, in Schwartz's system. Towards terminology and understanding his role is objectively valuable because you don't have to change as much. So the defense can stay coherent as the breakdowns that don't happen with some other players you saw this last year that make him more valuable than them. Right. And so I think that, that coherency and I think that's the word that I really want to hone in on is the most important part about replacing injured players. I will say and this is really interesting conversation for the eagles specifically, kinda putting the colts off to the side. How much does how rosement create that problem by always attacking the market on off injured players like he goes and gets JJ cheap. Why nobody else want J giants injured a lot..

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