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I think. Going into twenty twenty one. The rams new year's resolution needs to be starting a little bit faster. Let's bring in kevin lionel of the colorado and kevin would. We'll start first with that. Big win on saturday The rams pull off a major upset over san diego state. Yeah it was one of the crazier games you'll see Like you mentioned horrible start process you and at the same time san diego state first ten minutes of that game or I've watched los angeles games. That may be the best. They've played in in a long long time Mark ziglar who covers them for the san diego. Union tribune said the same thing. You say may have been their best ten minutes in decades if not ever built a twenty six point lead and then see if you just kinda slowly start. Chipping away They hit a couple threes. Okay well at least they're making respectable respectable look at the nineteen. Oh run in the first staff all of a sudden they go into halftime down only seven which You know anytime you're on a road as a big dog Some point deficit going into second half as fine. You just might be in in the game late and then Another bigger on the second half and they. They're down seven with less than that. Left and finish game are lebano run. The the kind of game winner was a a three with an end. One from john tonge So i ended up the largest comeback win in in mountain west history. Pretty remarkable game against the san diego state team is really good. I mean they're defending conference champions Probably i i still think they're the favorite to do it again They were ranked twenty third and the coaches poll At the time that game so really big win for the rams was huge. Six points down comeback. That's the biggest. That's the biggest comeback win. So far this year for the aa and it was huge for a lot of reasons kevin the rankings sees you kind of kind of made a lease a little bit of a rumble on the national stage. Yeah exactly i mean know. This year is so weird. Because it's it's early january about it still is really early in the season but on the flip side. You have only two months until the end of the season. It's you have to make hay when you can. And yes if you got a couple of votes in the coaches poll and and most importantly is a number forty ranking and the first net rankings which They're complicated but basically think of it as the replacement for the rpi and a much better version of Kind of what the rpi did so. So that's what really matters obviously than Circle back and lost Yesterday which i'm sure. We'll talk about the overall They they did what they needed to do and really wanted to do out in san diego. Ri- we'll even without lhasa last night in one that again a slow start for cs issue but that was at least a little expected when when when you blow a twenty six point lead like san diego state. Did you expect him to come out. Probably hungrier than they've ever been to. Beat the team. In san diego state looked really good early but yet against came back in at least made it look respectable.

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