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Hopefully, it breaks the way we needed to. But yeah, I think there's another thing that kind of gets lost in that analysis of. A lot of those seats is like, I don't know if we talked about this. But like there was a Washington Post poll, those like woods things are getting tight. We don't know about those Blue Wave thing. But they were an analyzing. I think something like sixty nine different tossup districts, and they're noting that like sixty one of those were solidly Republican ones that were becoming more blue, you know, hopefully, there is that momentum can carry through. But yeah, I think the bottom line is complacency is not going to help anybody. Yeah. And like the to begin with the election map was really unfavorable to Democrats just overall. So even though we're seeing a shift towards like some counties, turning blue. It's still not necessarily going to shift all the way blue just because they got bluer, and I just feel like the stuff that our listeners are seeing in the mainstream media that we're seeing that we like were saying Pence took an L with the Oprah thing that's being circulated on their side as just like a toy. Little fuck and win for and Trump and the right? And they said this isn't Hollywood rate because he said this isn't Hollywood book. Yeah. I don't really trust polls. Right. Because how are they getting their information? Our are the calling voters are they knocking on doors, and then be I'm really thinking about redistricting and census and the long term. 'cause the reason why these districts are so red is because of how redistricting happened in twenty ten and now we're facing the twenty twenty election. So there's redistricting after that. There's all this work being done to dissuade immigrant voters from doing from signing up for census. They're trying to like make people who are. I think immigration is up to be ridden down for census like your immigration status asking the season ship question on census. Right. And so all these I think we do have a lot riding tomorrow. But I do think that we need to take a bigger step back and look at the system that's in place. That's keeping the Republicans in power. And are these precincts have been chopped up in? That's kind of the bigger fight that we need to fight that. And also like how voter to being purged from the roles another one. And I think that's why we also reiterate don't just vote for those big ticket items. Don't just both for your senators and congress will vote for the secretary states in attorney general's in your local politicians to state legislatures because those are the people who are actually going those people who have a little more power over the most power in terms of redistricting and things like that. And who you selected put in the governor's houses. Well, so yeah, he has talked about on the episode that I missed last week. You can bring your phone into the boating. A lot of people think you could fuck and bring a book, whatever you need. You know, the person. Interpreter. Right. Yeah. They just can't tell you. What to the can't be like, you know, what I'm saying? Let's talk about Steve king because this is. Yeah. I mean, I think we just need to talk about we all know, he's a fucking racist Nazi motherfucker. And he's hopefully his ask is voted out. I awoke please do the right fucking thing and lease show this man of the fucking door. If you guys aren't listening to behind the bastards already that's a podcast on our network with Robert Evans from cracked and isn't amazing podcast, but he had a Cody Johnston, and Katie stolen from all three. Formerly of crack to talk about all the white supremacists. Who are running this term? And Steve king is is a big one. Well, yes, I mean, look for those of you don't know suffice to say he's based he's a Nazi Austria he met up with some new Nazis Austria came back. And it was like, hey, if they came to the US, they'd probably be Republican. No, they would be Republicans Elliara ready known that..

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