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The chance of showers between eight PM and eleven PM mostly. Cloudy low around sixty six Friday mostly sunny with a high. Near eighty three Friday night partly cloudy low sixty four right now eighty five degrees From the townhall. Dot com newsroom Detroit city council. President Brenda Jones may have to resign if she wins the special election. For a partial congressional term if Jones is certified the winner she will head to Washington DC to serve. The rest of. The two month term of former US Representative. John Conyers junior ethics rules don't require her to. Quit the, council but she will need special approval as holding a local. Office could cause conflicts with her congressional duties, joins Jones, has currently. Not indicated what she would do if she were to win in. A time when brick. And mortar stores are struggling women's retailer made well. Seems to be thriving the company announced they'd be opening, I Detroit location on Woodward avenue between John are and grand river avenue the j. crew imprint sells clothing for young women and has one hundred twenty one stores around the country as of may there are currently. Two locations in southeast Michigan I'm Kevin Sanderson on the. Patriot FM. One zero one point five AM fourteen hundred Now live from the patriot Detroit radio complex. This is the. John McCullough show time has come to the. United States spatial previous administrations all but neglected the growing security. Threats emerging in space President Trump's stated clearly and forcefully Spaces in his words a war fighting delaying just like land and air President Trump. Recently the largest, investment national defense since the days of Ronald Reagan Now.

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