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Your expectation for your first state of the union is a member of congress? Do you see value in this ritual? I do I am ready tonight to be open and hope to hear from the president's putting fear and division aside and talking about issues that the American people care about, you know, the folks that I represent in Iowa's first district one of the number one things. I heard is they were tired of the chaos in the division of Washington DC. So tonight, I hope the president puts that aside and talks about issues that show up in a big way for my district in for Americans across the country, as you probably already know after a few weeks on Capitol Hill, the devil is always in the details and the president's supporters say Democrats your party, this y'all hate Trump even more than you want to get stuff done. The Democrats will try to block him no matter. What can you get specific with me and point to one issue where you think your party should commit to working with the president? Absolutely. And that's infrastructure. It's something that he talked a lot about while. He was campaigning. But we never saw movement on it. You know, the joke was his first years at every week was supposed to be infrastructure, and it was a big theme of his state of the union last year. No comprehensive movement. Yes. And so what changes now with a divided congress that makes it more likely? Well, you know, I'm happy that I'm actually sitting on the transportation and infrastructure committee. You know, I know I have Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst representing my state as well. And they hear it as well as I do from our constituents that this needs to be a priority. And I am hopeful we can actually work together on these.

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