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Longer in other parts of the country in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis for many demonstrators this was a tipping point that's renewed a push for increased police accountability and other reforms in many cases these calls aren't new but they are louder and while we've heard them before Clark nearly the vice president of criminal justice at the Cato Institute tells me this time you might actually see things change I think there's a better chance that this time will be different than we've ever seen before for two reasons first I think the level of anger or frustration has really pushed off to the policy making level I've never seen members of Congress more focused and more galvanized than they are right now and the other thing is that there really is kind of a one shot solution it's not going to fix everything but there is kind of this rifle shot policy opportunity here it's likely not a real heavy lift and it will solve so many of the problems that we're seeing and that's the elimination of this qualified immunity Dr that's something the the Supreme Court may agree to take up as soon as tomorrow so where that come from and what does it do the civil rights law called section nineteen eighty three as a federal law that Congress passed back in eighteen seventy one and it says that a state actor like a police officer shall be liable to the person injured the deprivation of any rights what happened with qualified immunity is that the Supreme Court in fact judicially amend it that very straightforward language and change the law that Congress enacted so that now you can only see a police officer for violating a clearly established right and those two words clearly establish you a tremendous amount of work in this setting and clearly Stella is the heart of this qualified immunity defense what it requires is that if you want us to a police officer for something they did to you you have to be able to find a case in the same jurisdiction where you are where another police officer did the exact same thing to somebody else and a court has already said you're not allowed to do that exact thing so if George Floyd's family wants to sue that cop who killed them if they can't find the case in Minnesota where a police officer kneeled on the neck of an on resisting restrained suspect until that person died if that case is already on the books their case is gonna get thrown out of court on qualified immunity grounds that's how pathological and furnishes Dr yes but it's on the chopping block and I think this time next year is a pretty good chance we'll be rid of it we have heard from justices were often on opposite sides of arguments expressed their concern about how qualified immunity works I was a pretty poor litigator to the hardest things to do in the Supreme Court are first to get the court to ever say anything the government doesn't want to hear in other words to take any kind of prerogative away from the guy and second to overrule any sort of existing precedent and with qualified immunity we're asking the court to do bowl that's a heavy lift usually fine you're exactly right one thing that's unique about this qualified immunity thing is that first the doctor himself the legal rule qualified immunity was invented out of whole cloth by the Supreme Court in a blatant act of judicial policy making it doesn't have a shred of historical regionalist or textual legitimacy and that's when the trouble people like justice Gorsuch and hopefully others as well on the right they tend to care about those things on the left there are a number of justices because one of the last you know typically position themselves as caring more about individual injustices and qualified immunity perpetrates an immense amount of individual justices and sort of our kids were have already pointed out that this is a doctor that is systematically producing a tremendous amount of injustice she could really want these compile moments with people on the left and the people on the right end up coming to the same result namely get rid of qualified immunity for different reasons there will almost certainly be at least I would say two or three hold out justices were not going to get on board with this but of course the magic number in the Supreme Court is five vans Clarke merely the vice president of criminal justice at the Cato Institute it's not seven forty five sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda here's Christiane with a grin on her face for a good portion of the flight the lion S. 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