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Religious organization is in custody on charges, including human trafficking production of child pornography, and forcible rape of a minor, California. Attorney general Javier Becerra is reaching out to other possible, victims of nasons Joaquin Garcia, this case came through us through a tip sent in to the clergy abuse website, as you can see if you report it, we will act on it, and we will follow through Garcia was the leader of the LA Luz del Mundo church in charged with twenty six felony counts. He and his co-defendants allegedly coerced, victims into performing sexual acts by telling them that if they went against any of his desires, or wishes, as the apostle that they were going against God inmates at a California prisoner dealing with a broken ACM one hundred degree temperatures staff at the mendota federal prison, about thirty five miles from Fresno, say this is the third time the prisons ACS gone out the. The problem tends to make inmates become more irritable, and prone to fights and four are arrested in connection to Glendale triple murder investigation. Two of the four suspects were handed in Tennessee, US, marshals and the clientele. Police arrested two other men in Canoga park this week in Los Angeles. Mayor air car said he says he wants to crack down on illegal trash dumping LA is referring twenty-seven companies to the city attorney's office for possible prosecution, the city's code allows for fines of up to one thousand dollars and six months in jail. The mayor says the bureau of sanitation will step up surveillance operations as they look for trash dumping. The city council is also considering a motion to hire homeless people to clean up trash in the first four months of the year. The city says it collected an average of two hundred and twenty eight tonnes of illegally dumped trash every week, Kevin trip, KABC news both sides of the ten freeway in San Gabrielle are shut down after an armed, man barricaded himself inside his home, and then set the home partially on fire by throwing fireworks. It's in the. The area of Saxon, Brighton street near the del mar exit the suspect, then fled first responders are making progress in the fire, but are unsure where the suspect is and the meat substitute company beyond meat is reporting, some positive numbers for its first earnings report net sales are up two hundred and fifteen percent to more than forty million dollars Wall Street analysts expected that number to be just under thirty nine million. The company is forecasting full year revenues of more than two hundred and ten million dollars KABC sports. The angels take.

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