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Notice. They may be sued over there. Reporting on cov- Catholics trip to Washington for the March for life. The attorneys who represent the team Sheldon a viral video staring down a native American demonstrator say document, preservation later, letters have gone out to a number of national outlets, telling them not to destroy any evidence that could be subject to potential litigation. Lynn woods, reliable attorney in Atlanta says they will be relentless in their pursuit of Justice for Nick Santa would also represented the men falsely accused in the Olympic bombing. And the brother of Jon Benet Ramsey who settled a multimillion dollar lawsuit with CBS news after their. A report linking him to the disappearance of a sister. Protecting children walking to school in Cincinnati councilman PG sitting failed is unveiled a plan to put in new LED lighting and every school crossing in the city. This lighting is already in place outside of western hills high school, and parents there say it has made a huge difference. Now, the city has to figure out how to pay the cost of the lighting improvements, which totals one and a half million dollars. Mason pushing back the start of high school and middle school classes next year by a half hour. Schedule adjustments being made to try and improve teens. Mental health district says research shows getting more sleep improves the students mood high school now go from seven forty five to two thirty each day, while greats classes will begin at eight forty and dismiss three ten. A memorial service is set for Sunday for the clear creek police officer killed this week in a drugged driving case Twenty-seven-year-old Jared Lee will be remembered in a service at four o'clock at the funeral home in Amelia visitation for friends and family will be at the funeral home before the service from. One to four his car was hit head on by driver this week who is charged with operating his vehicle under the influence of drugs. Thirty-one-year-old Justin watts has a long criminal record and is now behind bars on one million dollars bond after holding the lead for most of the games aviator faltered in the final minutes lost Georgetown last night, eighty to seventy three musketeers now lost four in a row in the big east. They go to.

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