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Albums home wall was a husband wife what do you think fibre meeting here the survivor feel like a gripping need to hear this I'm a bus that thing open and put on the Katy Iceland record wonder about a half I'll let you know the strange thing right bring it on this is a country thanks to some kind of an enterprise vault yeah our number there was were going around that Warner brothers who changed the name of the birds of prey movie because people were searching a Harley Quinn and not knowing that the actual movie was called birds of prey and they're actually a little shocking that up to the disappointing opening they expected that open between fifty and sixty million dollars and it was number one but it open with thirty three million that big disappointment they say they forty five to sixty million well Margot Robbie is hot and I don't mean looking and while she's that too but she's she's a pretty big name right right on that's everything she does is pretty pretty good and that character is your respect will do better right you really would I mean there's a there's a punk rock superhero thing happen in there that whole should do great why isn't it well they're thinking it's because it's called birds of prey although the full title is called birds of prey and the fan tabula as emancipation of one Harley Quinn that's like you know not how their listing it I so they have now changed the name to Harley Quinn birds of play birds of prey the the movie's budget was ninety five million dollars and they're hoping that changing the name will give it a better a better number this weekend it turns out the Warner brothers didn't change the name the theater chain said they were like okay known came as US movie that's right Harley Collette's listed this as Harley Quinn birds of the main thing this plenty of times you know people in marketing go all is going to be huge and then for whatever reason it doesn't resonate and you have a flop on your hands and you can't you everybody's looking at scratching their head gone seems like it was a no brainer well because girls didn't attached to it the way people expected girls to look up to this hero is and maybe boys went that's not for me yeah who knows I don't know I'm not saying I know pointing opening now and and you know let's hope for their sake that it was no one could find the movie her nose cold birds of prey I don't believe that I had in there but you know let's give a big thumbs up as they head into the weekend last year universal cancel the release of a horror movie called the hunt it's about a group of wealthy liberal elites who kidnapped average conservatives and hunt them for sport so they canceled this whole I know I'm a dot that would maybe be the other way around well I think it look as I watch the trailer this morning it's clearly tongue in cheek it's a horror movie but it's one of those ones that thinks it's hilarious to things about so I was thinking maybe we could put the trailer up at the ceremony Facebook page so the hunt was supposed to come out September twenty seventh and is now going to be out Friday the thirteenth of March they've cancelled the release of the hunt after shootings in math massacres in Ohio and Texas killed thirty one people wounded dozens of others so so they're hoping to get us time frame in between mass shooting I guess they release this I guess they're hoping that smart between now and then good for them it's the guy who is he's one of the guys who created the show lost so probably ends well Natalie in J. J. Abrams well Damon Lindelof is one of the guys that okay you know one of the column one of the creative geniuses he wrote this movie with Nick Hughes they did the two of them did the watchman together didn't you say you watch the watchman I started it von love salon loved it and I was watching it going I don't understand what I'm looking at where you never went back I never thought I'd have it yet but then I also heard that that's not coming back for another season well the watch minutes is a long while no they were supposed to all I don't think they like the director said I'm not making another what happened with that bond can you come in here well they're denying that I guess there are a lot of twists and turns in watchman because they're saying that's what's expected from this they say its a satire some kind of Nick cues in one of the writers as it was misunderstood when it was announced last fall hi Bonnie Bonnie were other you are fake so the watch men was a show that you really liked right yeah I love it and why did the director I thought I read that the director said I'm not making another season yes a lot of it was that it was one like a perfect season there was like no war more for the story to go you can bring so wait for it is land alone stand alone yeah okay so most people who love the show didn't even want a second season because it was such a perfect ending turn this thing you know snow like exact answer to it but it gives you a good good send off for ed okay okay I realize that thank you yeah so anyway the guys who wrote that have written this this horror movie and we all have a chance out of properly understand because universal gonna really set on March thirteenth they dropped a new trailer yesterday that's I believe the one that we just put up on Facebook is interesting I gotta say it stars Hilary Swank well one of the checks from glow Emma Roberts and sick and singer Sturgill Simpson as kid rock what kid rocks in it but not kid rock someone who's played I guess kid rock would be in the one where the liberals are shooting the conservatives I couldn't care less about this yeah actually though I will say this he looks it it looked interesting to me I didn't expect it to and then I watch the trailer one huh I watch that looks again some funny moments is this whole crazy thing an accident killers wink is great she picks one I think I need to dust self dusting and so that way you know but then again two hour season premiere of survivor winners eight o'clock tonight on CBS on there for that though yeah I mean when twenty previous winners could return to compete for two million dollar prize for the show's fortieth season and it turns out that Ozark is coming back on March twenty seventh on Netflix we are a month and a half away for I can't believe it I'm so excited with my Ruthie and see what's going on with her I love everybody on that show is riddled with a curling iron did you see her outside of she's not on character right I was shocked it like she's not as noble as he's gotten married to some other at young actor and they're both like I I just went hillbilly from Ozark playing a character it was kind of in so much stuff including moms effort to see if the people in her house will pick up around this damn downtown do they fail that they don't say.

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