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Better deal could take hours typically result in a lot of unwanted spam mail, and that was until now with the zebra dot com. The dot com is the nation's leading car insurance company comparison site, so like, you know, how kayak is for airfare that is zebra dot com for car insurance zebras, the new kayak everyone. Yeah. It's the only place where you can compare hundreds of policies for all the top carriers and choose which one is best for you. Plus, they'll never. Ever sell your information to spam? Mercy won't get unwanted calls in just answer. Few questions on a simple fast form in. They'll find the best reach in coverage in your state. It's quick and easy. Just an honest way to compare car insurance quotes from all the top providers at once. So if you go to the bre dot com slash get it that is the dot com slash gut. It spelled T H E Z B R A dot com slash get it you're gonna start saving on car insurance today. So as your dad was a pilot was he like yelling in the like yelling up to the cockpit. Being like what the hell? Are you guys doing? As we were like skidding across the runway could just see his whole body. Get tents any up his hand was like easy easy. And so I was like shit. Something is very wrong. And then when we smash the chain link fence and went over I saw all over his face like Maung completely thought we were going to die. So then I thought we were going to die of putting my hand up like towards the top of the plane to brace myself if that was gonna help me falling over cliff. I'm curious to know, what was going through your head. Like what we're what thoughts were popping your head? Like, we're you thinking of someone in particular like worry thinking about when this is happening. I think it was just shock like Ivan. I was nineteen. I just finished, you know, a year of college. And I was I was shocked like oh my gosh. I'm really gonna die right now. And I wasn't religious at the time. But I remember praying life pay. I'm the offense that you're listening really wanna not die. Right. I feel like it happens really fast that you almost have time to think. Yeah. True. It's just desperation like nothing nothing. I could have done like my dad if he was in the cockpit could have done something. But like there was no time to run up to the cockpit and change things. I think has yelling at the co-pilot came afterwards when he was Accu adding the plane the pilot wasn't leaving the plane the pilot was making a phone call in the plane like during like in an explosive environment. I want to be doing that. He was calling the company to say sorry, I smash drew three point six million dollar only. Wouldn't you do that later? I think he's been Shaw. Yeah. Like just being kind of idiot. But when I from pilot yet, you know. Did you guys know him since your dad was a pilot? No he was hired. He he was a pilot for the company that we were fine with and. Yeah, he he was a retired captain from a major airline would your fly. My dad flew of rioting of.

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