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Once again Dan Ackroyd David's Rita gentlemen welcome back we're talking about these balls of water or I suppose if they were in the space ice water when they get here crashing into earth David yes okay that's where we left off de David you you were you were in correspondence with this doctor news now how did you find out about the NASA research which which was revealing knowledge of these huge balls of water coming into the in the in the atmosphere and and avoiding satellites of avoiding shuttles and and somehow seemingly being directed what what what was the origin of the NASA study maybe we will greatly at about nine about nineteen eighty five is signed his name doctor Louis they Frank who was operating satellite they could see into the ultraviolet light spectrum incidentally the ultraviolet light spectrum is the spectrum of light that we can't see as humans but because it's too high in energy for us to see they had developed cameras that were looking into these upper specter of light and Frank star detect these moving objects that were quite large and and moving and entering our atmosphere and they're only showing up in the ultraviolet light spectrum something that no one in the history of space science had ever as ever observed before normally when you take a picture of an object if I have any gas liquid or solid object in space I can take a picture of it in in for red which is he's a spectrum of light is lower than the human eye can see and then you could also take a picture of it in the visible spectrum which we can see with our eyes this was something completely different NASA was looking at something that was only showing up into the into the near and far ultraviolet that immediately cute my attention for a particular reason we'll have to backtrack a little bit in nineteen eighty nine I was speaking with doctor Earl Van landing him who was then NASA had propulsion power and energy we had a long talk about nuclear fusion and I decided to candidly ask him had NASA ever made contact with an extraterrestrial civilization and doctor van anytime didn't laugh he he didn't he took the question very seriously and he said no we haven't and he said when you consider the amount of energy it takes four spacecraft to do the speed of light to arrive at earth from another star system Alpha Centauri a and B. R. I. four point three light years from earth in series is eight point seven it takes a tremendous amount of energy to get lost in the space craft and then of course you have other problems you with another problem you have with the spacecraft attaining the speed of light is Einstein's law on this all make this very simple for people basically equals MC squared tells us that solid mass a spacecraft like the shuttle can't go too fast he can't exploration fast because the faster it travels the more the impeding force of inertia if I if you use the example of wind if you stick your head out of the car doing seventy miles an hour the wind impedes upon your face and pushes you back the faster you want to go the stronger the wind get when you go through space there's not as much inertia but as you start to get into incredible speeds it starts to impede upon you and Einstein said the physical mass cannot attain lightspeed because the faster you go the greater the inertia and then you got an increase your energy to the point that you can never actually Tain lightspeed so so where am I going with this basically what eventually physicists discover is that the only way you can go light speed is if you could theoretically if you could change is the sole solid structure of a spacecraft in turn it into the light to turn into actual energy so it is no longer has solid masses actually waive former pure energy make it vibrate at a higher like at a higher level actually I thought Einstein suggested that if you did achieve the speed of light that is exactly what would happen yes exactly and you're right I think that's the next evolution of it if you would if you did achieve the speed of light you would literally have to transform into light so if you look at why a photon can do the speed of light is because it has no mass it basically is call of massless particle so again where is this going doctoral them landing him the director propulsion power and energy NASA told me again the energy part of the equation and that when you consider that the great amounts of energy it takes four spacecraft to do the speed of light he said we would detect a signal well advanced in the arrival of the spacecraft well where do we detect high energy signals when we look at how we actually observe phenomena as humans we observe things in life to be time and we actually look at things in regards to light how do we actually make all high energy observations well in the electromagnetic spectrum at the bottom of the spectrum you have radio and TV way higher frequency in that you have microwaves then you have the infrared all the spectrum are invisible but detectable see humans at this point with our current technology right and as you go higher into the spectrum you're what you're actually observing is higher and higher levels of energy so in regards to them many hymns statement where we should be looking to see greater energy signal is not down in radio were said he is looking but rather up into the visible in the the near ultraviolet the floral to violate the extreme ultraviolet and even higher into X. rain Gamera way we gamma ray ways and that's exactly were NASA's looking and the and by the way start with looking yes Frank with looking said he is also moving in that direction and steady as is everyone starting to figure this out now because when you again when you take the energy part of the equation they both Einstein in in over many hammer stating to what we need to be looking at higher energy signals and so NASA's video cameras on the space shuttle which all this footage of the tether was taken on this special camera that is kind of a basically taken off the shelf video camera in the soup it up kind of like you would use of a hot rod car to see into the near ultraviolet light spectrum so when something only shows up in the ultraviolet light spectrum it means the entirety of the object it means every single atom is vibrating as pure away form energy in a spectrum of energy it is this actually radiating with so much energy that we can't see it that's exactly what in regards to what their many him as saying where we should be looking to detect such a signal and that's exactly where these you oppose are showing up so all right so how are they explaining this now when he started to find the waterfalls only showing up in the ultraviolet spectrum going into the five thousand miles an hour hitting our operas hitting hitting or a premise for doing thirty five thousand miles an hour I went oh my god if these this meets the criteria of on unidentified flying objects and for what we should be looking for and then I got in the middle of this huge debate between little Frank all these other scientists and doctor Joseph near the third the head of astral chemistry at NASA trying to find a with the things Warren and that's where it all began what we ended up with was a war on one hand Frank really did appear to be seeing giant water balls entering our atmosphere but on the other hand there were so many of them and they were showing up in infrared which they should we showed me they were highly quantized phenomenal objects and then news was pulling his hair out of his head because he said it with this many objects impacting our atmosphere knows satellite nor the space shuttle has a chance of surviving days let alone years if these were actually naturally occurring water boulder or what are now called small comments and and so there's a huge disagreement the only answer in the end that I could come up with him in the debate was that these water balls were being intelligently directed around the satellite and that was the only way we could describe how they are the only answer to explain why they are hitting out like having them well I is it so hard to imagine after all there's a very strong theory that that's the way life was seeded originally on earth water is the matrix of all of life it is you that every living thing is made of water and then the other part of the problem was that water cannot survive D. transistors space not small amounts of water like this right without burning up under the intensely hot rays of ultraviolet and gamma rays and X. rays in fact it shouldn't even be here so then I postulated to news that the only possible answer is that they had a phenomenal membrane around them kind of like a radiant barrier let me explain to people what a radiant.

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