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Round picks. Apollo, We're going to be close to 40 year old quarterback even though he's great. Give him mad credit. Very good. But we have our quarterback in eggs Avian. Howard has been wanting more money. Now We got a boatload of receivers Keen Grant. We're talking about trading in because of what we just got. We just drafted on our draft if I gave you gave in house education grants And maybe a first round. Maybe a first round. Would you take that deal? I hang on the list you might be interested in. How would I would be interested in the wide receiver or evidence draft my own. Wide receiver is getting to be. That position will begin shortly, then al to Tommy, you're being able to find them in the draft 1st 2nd 3rd round a guy that could come in and instantly contribute a guy that can instantly help So I was interested in taking another team wide receiver. I like that game player would be sure to take him out. And now you've got to turn around and you gotta pay him rather this fine if him in the assistance. I like David's Tower, But to me the draft pick compensation just due to 17 so much flexibility. You can turn those draft picks into obviously drafted player. You can also turn them into its better radio network. That's what the Rams do. Rams used their draft capital and their draft currency. This is the turn it into Matthew statue to turn it into radio network Jalen ran. Following is a one killer hurt, I'd rather have the pain levels in the flexibility. And then you can take the swing for when the next era Rogers Air Odell Beckham.

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