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Mesquite and 37 in Dallas. Kale, I have news time is now 706. Dozens of armed rally goers voiced their support for the Second Amendment yesterday outside of the state Capitol in Austin. Benjamin Hock urge rally goers to discourage lawmakers from legislation that compromises gun rights Call them email them. Write them. You need to be so annoying. They have no choice but to listen because they work for us. We are not their subjects Hey, are subject to US organizer say the rally had nothing to do with the election or the recent breach of the U. S. Capitol. The state capital is closed throughout Inauguration Day. We'll have a live report with more on what happened in the state capital coming up with Clayton level at 7 40 Dallas County reported just under 1400 new coronavirus cases yesterday, as well as 13 more deaths from Cupid 19. It is significantly lower than it was about a week ago, Tarrant County reported around 1600 new cases, 19 deaths, 660 new cases and five deaths in Collin County, A third confirmed case of a variant of the Corona virus has been found in Texas. A Dallas man in his twenties with no history of travel outside the United States has tested positive for the variant, which originated in the United Kingdom. Texas is among a handful of states with at least one known case of the new variant that appears to spread more easily than the original version of the virus. According to the state's data, more than 1.1 million people in Texas have received at least one dose of a vaccine. 167,000 are listed as fully immunized, which includes more than 81,000. Residents of Dallas County. And 59,000 in Tarrant County City of Garland now has permission to open a drive. Thru Corona Virus Vaccine center, but K L i. F Dennis Martin reports it might not be open for awhile. Garland City officials want to put their new drive thru clinic at Homer B. Johnson Stadium on Centerville Road. There's supposed to get 1000 vaccines this week. But as of today, they don't know which vaccines they'll get or whether they're going to be the first or second doses. And that means it may be weeks before garlands. Vaccine center will be open. Dennis Martin K L I. F EEL Arlington Police are searching for a gunman involved in armed robbery and shooting death of a store clerk yesterday morning at the EZ Mart. At Barden and Matt Lock. Video footage shows an African American man was slim build wearing of red ball cap, red jacket and dark or black colored shirt entering the store about 3 30 Sunday morning, the suspect shot the victims several times taking store items is well. Investigators believe a customer had just left the store before the suspect entered. They'd like to speak to that person easy mark now offering up to $5000 in reward money for information leading to conviction of the suspect, Kimberly James K. And Life News. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's official fundraising report shows he's had a little bit of trouble raising money to run for reelection in 2022. His fundraising reports in the past have typically run into seven figures. This year. However, he was accused of abusing his office to help a friend and political donor. So the money dried up. He reported only raising about 300 grand over the last six months, but That still leaves him with a $5.5 Million campaign war. Chest on hand. Can you imagine being Ah, well to do supporter of Cam Paxton. And somebody coming to you about a contribution you say? Well, what? Well, isn't he? Isn't he facing charges something? Oh, yeah. About the way the money that he got from a donor, Okay? No, thanks. I'm gonna have to pass on that ass This time. It's 7 10 right now, Let's check the money News with the business Update from network radio. Spencer Macallan. Good morning, Spencer. Well, good morning, David. The markets are closed, actually accept the commodity markets. Rest of the markets honoring.

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