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Doing much, but I didn't have the sort of procedure. You have to be faced down. So I was able to sit up and try not to use. My eyes to texting me pictures, and I said, quit it. I know Brenda Brenda said, I'm gonna come over there and snap that book shut because you were told not to read for pleasure. Your son told me that? Yeah. Really Griff mentioned that. Well, yeah. I told him it was okay to discuss. But I didn't know that he ever listened to me when I say anything. Yeah. So we'll be a lot more than that was not supposed to what do you do when they say, don't use your is much? You know, I was listening to Huck Finn on tape. Well, that's a good idea book on tape. You know what I a lot of people do probably John. They listened to. The radio and, and I didn't much because I know that my mind would start to go to work, and I get up and I'd start reading again. What do you think? What are these bad boys costs, by the way? Oh man. So you go to the are you see a bunch of specialists there? And by the way, the anesthesiologist, I met was the most chill dude, you don't have the Bill yet to you do. Oh, well, I went to Blue Cross Blue shield of Illinois website logged in. And then ping ping ping ping ping that was the sound of things registering on my words, I'm gonna say, seventy four thousand dollars. I figured there's no way this is going to cost less than twenty five thousand and if it costs less than twenty five thousand I got off cheap. I mean, what price would you pay for your vision? You know, really if they'd said it's one hundred thousand dollars out of pocket, we would have paid it. And then I don't know sold the car moved to a smaller house. We'll live with less. Yeah, you've got insurance though, but so we do so my out of pocket so far. And I think I'm, I looked at the last Bill is less than a thousand. Yeah. And overall they're only charging us eight thousand and unthinking those hospital Bill is only eight thousand dollars surgery was like six thousand and the ER was a couple thousand and maybe the anesthesiologist isn't in there, but I'm thinking if you guys got to charge more for that. On the only person in America advocating for higher. But think of it if you didn't have insurance, you know, that's the point. That's, that's how lucky they ripped my sternum out. And I think my. My out of pocket was sixteen hundred dollars. Imagine that, that's a lot of money, but relative to probably the overall cost of chest surgery at that. That was actually. Yeah. I, I'm just assuming it was a two hundred thirty thousand million dollars. And I and I know that in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, I know that I I'm smart enough to know that I should ask. Are you in network? I know but you're free to because I was in the same situation and you don't want to find out that they aren't exactly because then I think, okay? So what am I going to go to Lola or do page, those are wonderful hospitals and systems? But that's gonna delay. My care, minimally twenty four hours, right? And this is something that is getting worse by the minute. So, so you just say, I don't care what it costs. I don't care if I have insurance I have to get this taken care of, and they didn't even ask me, many of those questions, you know, I was kind of, like, hey, within twenty four hours. You will be operated. Let's go. Can I say one thing it's not self serving but, you know, you were mentioning how, you know, Thomas Jefferson teddy Roosevelt. This happened him, they couldn't be fixed and you're watching your vision disappear in front of you. Yeah. You know, I'm kind of affiliated with his charity. I Care International where they give eye glasses in tests to people in Mexico or other parts of Central America in parts of Central America. And the thing that struck me most about the fact that all of that is the need for reading glasses for people who don't have them so not far from us right now. People are losing their ability to read, because of a natural aging of there is that we could help with just by donating glasses. I remember when you came back from that trip. And I think you should talk about that more often I think you should every week bring that up where, where do, I give is there a website, I go to their I mean, I it doesn't have to be eyecare international. It could be anyone just there's no reason for glasses. Want us except I glass is with the road refund maybe it's rotary. Yeah. If, if there's an organization out there, where people can donate their, their used eyeglasses, because they're no longer fashionable or the prescription doesn't work. Yeah. I've got some in a drawer. That's the point. It's eyecare international dot organs. I with I as in me, not e y eyecare international letter, lie Care International that these there, people are just losing their vision is day to day, and it's so easy to fix that situation. I thought I was thinking I mean again when seems like whenever we talk about medical care in America. We talk about it's too expensive and all of the problems with it, but doggone at that thing was working for me. And it was not prohibitively expensive. And I think there's a lot more people like me who get good care at a reasonable price by really talented hardworking people. And we don't we don't applaud them so much. I just I got a text lions club is big in TI. So thank you for that. You know, I think if you have the internet, you'll be able to find somebody that will take your glasses, but by all means do that it could be that simple. John, I visited in ER with an appendicitis, and I know how you felt sitting there waiting while my weight was quite short. It seemed like an eternity. I didn't want my appendix bursts, while I waited, and I didn't wanna play rank and I didn't wanna say, hey, my injuries worse than somebody else's. I just sat there, John, I hope you're retinal detachment. You had health insurance in forcible deductible and cost sharing that would be another blessing. Well, I think I did I did, I may find out tomorrow that another Bill just rolled in and I seventy two thousand dollars more. But I'm counting myself lucky today, it's d day, and it has been de week in the news, both in, in France, in England in the United States and around the world is we've marked the seventy fifth anniversary of the allied. Is landing on several beaches in, in France, and you may recall last January February March April. So earlier this year in April, we visited with a guy named Marvin Sussman. I'm gonna play three minutes or so of the beginning of our conversation with Mr. Sussman who is I recall is ninety five years old. He's a Chicago guy and at the age of ninety five he came into our studio with his son and talk to us about what is experiences like he was their d day. He was there d- one hour and he was spry. I'm feeling like an old man right now. And he, he was acting like a young man when he came into the studio. I mean he was very agile and nimble and his mind was good. And his adult son, who is more like my age. I'm fifty nine said, dad really didn't talk much about this. He didn't tell these stories until quite recently, and now his dad gives. Talks to schools and groups, he's been on YouTube, that is you can find some of them on YouTube. And so we invited him to come over and talk to us a little bit about his experience, the full converstation. We had with him was on the stream that die. Right. Right. So if this sounds not like the audio we normally play back impart. It'll probably for that reason, but on my Facebook page, WGN King, John on Facebook. We recorded this long conversation, we had on the stream that day and we've posted that in it's on my Facebook page. I'm WGN king. John on Facebook Souci, a picture of me and Marv, right? L were both there. And then the, the full about twenty five minute conversation that we had that started about like this. Thank you. If I may how old are you then? Ninety six in August. How old were you on d day almost twenty one but you're there before, the, the main assault landed, right, yet two hours before we were landing on an island about five kilometers off, you to a beach intend to find out if the naval guns were mandir unmanned turned out that they were unmanned, but somebody had to verify that and would result is that due to lines explosive minds on the beach? We lost two men killed and twenty wounded. When you got there, you must've been relieved to find out that the gun was on may. And saddened by the death of dear friends from that vantage point that day on d day, then you must have seen or been able to hear what was happening. We were watching the parade. It was magnificent thing. All ships going by us, and what do you remember about that would because if I may did you think this parade is an awesome display of power, but you must have had some sense of how vicious the fighting was we couldn't really see much on the beach for five kilometers. But we could see explosions. We could see the airplanes in the naval guns going off. And we just imagine what was going on the beaches, I suppose the guys that were in the first waves must have felt like they got the short straw. Right. Because you know they had to just keep charging and they were the first ones. The they were thinking about who were where where to go what to do. That's what they were thinking about. And you must have felt a little fortunate to have the head the assignment you did, what would it the chances? Well, we lucked out, it could have been worse. So you're a living in Chicago. Did you get drafted then is that what call, you know, we were given the choice of either volunteering during nineteen four three or I'm sorry, forty two or be drafted in nineteen forty three. So rather than be drafted into the infantry and forty three I decided to join the cavalry and forty two nobody told me that when the cavalry, dismounts becomes inventory. So the cavalry sounded like a safer bet. But if I was entirely wrong about that what is cavalry mean in nineteen forty three. Cavalry was just in trading in its horses for jeeps and armored cars and that the, the. Job of cavalry is really information, mostly finding out where the enemy is what he's doing. And. Doing whatever's necessary to stop him to. They tell you all what to expect when the d day landing forces, we're going to arrive in Normandy..

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