Jon Favreau, Director, President Trump discussed on The Writers Panel


And that saturday morning i got an email from jon favreau the the speechwriter not the director and he said the president thinks that joke about matt damon's to mean he doesn't wanna tell it and i said well i did see the adjustment bureau and truth is a defense and i was actually working on a said in toronto and flew back that afternoon ran into the house and turned on c span just in time to see the president and when he said matt damon i love that guy i just screamed he's doing it because i didn't know until that moment like my my experts that he'd go they don't tell me they love to not tell the comic which jokes he's doing about which topics and he gets to go first right so you have a big i have a big pile of jokes and one by one i hear him take out because it's all from the news so i'm sitting there next to michelle obama or hillary clinton and i'm listening to someone take literally go ahead of you and do taking the blue cards out and throwing them out as i go so you're getting smaller and smaller but i would think it'd be much more fun and relaxing to be seeing did you have a favorite joke that you did for obama probably my favorite was for the al smith dinner which he spoke out with mitt romney that's the catholic league dinner and the joke was.

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