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I'm your host Ed Valentine and we can we can dispense with with all of that today's to show a quick hit on the breaking news that ally manning is no longer the giants starting quarterback job now belongs to Daniel Jones Pat Shurmur and the giants made that announcement on Tuesday morning. We all knew that was coming still. It's it's a stunning thing to think that that you know manning's been the quarterback since two thousand and four and really for the first time since then we have a new quarterback in place for the New York giants that the giants have have embraced moving to the future will go to Daniel Jones and we'll see where things go from there to help me help me kind of make sense of this and and break down everything that's going on. Let me bring in Patricia trainor Patty. How are you wow ed. I was hoping for a quiet Tuesday and a busy Wednesday but it looks like we're getting started early. Oh we're getting both both patty. Were getting both say we all knew today was coming at some point and and I think we all knew when Pat Shurmur floated the idea India on Monday that that he wasn't committing to Eli. I think we all knew this was coming and yet it's still what kind of a jarring realization that the Eli Manning era as quarterback is over it really is and now there's no turning back you know this this is Daniel. Jones is shipped. Iran and you know we'll see what happens. I mean the more for sample size. He creates the more you know. We'll we'll be able to determine how successful he'll be but certainly his performance in the preseason his performance and limited time in the week one game all very encouraging signs and like you said it's now his show to run you have any thoughts on the on the more or less quick hook here for Eli Manning on the on the quick decision to go to Jones after only two games. I'm a little surprised I thought ally would get at least four games before. They pulled the hook on him. I thought he would potentially stay in there as long as they had a chance to to be competitive have a chance to be in the playoff hunt and I know people are GonNa snicker when I say that but the reality is is the giants haven't been eliminated and if you you know teams have started out Owen to and I know it's a small sample size but they have turned it around finish strong the giants however they are not just the player or two away they have problems on both sides of the ball defense which they think they're going to be fine. They think that you know with with more reps together that defense is going to gel but really on offense it was time you know as much as we appreciate. Eli As much as we might love him as a quarterback as as a person as a professional he was not in the long term plans of this team and it just didn't make sense if you were GonNa go and revamped the defense and and you know look towards the future there. Why were you holding onto you know the last of the the two thousand and four draft class there on your team and and just not looking ahead at that point? I know that Dave gettleman has has often said you know you can win while you're build or rebuild and I David hates the word rebuild but for me one of the things that I wrote about Tuesday morning at big blue view was that for years it seems seems like the giants have taken half-measures have taken a step here in a step there and not fully embraced. Maybe what what they needed to do to push the organization forward and this finally to me feels like embracing embracing. Okay we understand what we are. We understand that that the future is more important than the present and we just. We have to do everything we can to be ready for that future. Just your thoughts on on that sort of train taught patty. I agree with you at I mean look. Everybody knows who's followed me. Who's read me that I I've defended. Eli and I believe Steve and I will continue to believe that the organization didn't always do him right with personnel decisions with with coaching decisions and what have have you but with that said you know we saw limitations from Eli we saw signs of him starting to decline fine and slow down and it was just you know the guy can't play forever and as much as maybe you'd like to see him play forever. He's just not the same quarterback he was was when he was put Unquote Bitch Eli back in two thousand eleven so it just you know sometimes. You need to shake things up now. Now some and people will say and I know you've said this that the giants should've done this years ago when they swept out you know Tom Coughlin at that time they should have probably made a clean sweep and just started from scratch. I think they you know maybe realized that it was too late to do that or for whatever reasons maybe they didn't feel. They had the the best options available at that time but they finally now have a new. GM They have a new relatively new head coach a new quarterback the giants nights are going to move forward now and they're going to. They're going to take some months this year because you know Jones is GonNa go through. Some growing pains like every rookie does but these are growing pains instead of going to serve this franchise well into the coming years as much as we hate this for Eli Manning. I think you and I have both said that you know over over a period of time. When you stop and you think about it in some ways I mean this is actually an exciting decision decision and in in some ways you know whether the giants win games or lose games or whatever their ultimate record turns out to be this season. I think it adds some excitement to the rest of the season because now we kind of have some growth in some development to look forward to yeah. I think so and you know what's going to be interesting for me. At is the giants as far as I know at least as we record this is going to be the number two quarterback and I'm going to be very interested to see what happens. How giants handle this moving forward because it's kind of like you know ally at this point is a larger than life personality even though he's always been reserved and bland and whatnot but his mere your presence there. I'm just curious to see how they handle it so that Jones doesn't necessarily feel overshadowed by the presence of Manning. I'm sure they have a plan for this but sometimes when you have a a larger than life or a legend behind you just kind of like peering down it can be somewhat intimidating dating and I just think that maybe subconsciously we won't really see the best of the annual Jones until after ally has gone off into the sunset onset patty. That's an interesting point. One of the things that that I've already been asked this morning is in regards to how Eli would react act to this. I expect nothing class from Eli Manning. I expect him to handle this with grace. I expect to see him do what he he can to help Daniel Jones. I don't expect to see him. Make any waves at all. I mean he's he's been a class act for sixteen years now and and I don't expect to see any of that. Change your thoughts on that. Yeah I agree with you. Ally Manning has been a model citizen in the locker room room just model individual. He's never had a bad thing to say about anybody. He's taken I think way more of the the blame that he should because football is a team sport and I think he's got a lot more blame for the giants misfortunes over the years but this is is a guy who has been class act and you know you ask anybody associated with the team behind the scenes they will tell you that manning has always spin the consummate professional. He has answered questions. You know I know in the past. He said look. It's not my job to be. You know the backups coach whatever but he's never withheld information. He's never been a jerk about. It and I don't think you could ask for anything more than than what has brought to that room and what he's going to continue to to that room. I mean book. He's a competitor. I'm sure he's not happy with the decision. I'm sure he does a like or agree with the decision but he's never been about himself. He's always been about the franchise and I don't expect that to change alright patty. I think that with with that said I think will call it a show for today. I think it's a really you know it's. It's just a crazy time. You and I are both be out at the at the facility acidity on Wednesday. I'm sure it's going to be a crazy day with a with a media mob out there so you know get your get your your catcher's this gear on and and get ready to to to deal with the mob. I'm GonNa get a good night's. Sleep tonight at is going to get to bed early. We have an early start tomorrow and you're right. It's going to be a a media crowd. I I'd be shocked if it's not immediate crowd that equals what we have seen in the past for playoff games. Thanks all right Patty. I'll see you there. Thank you very much and thank you for listening. Giants fans will talk to you soon bye the are you.

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