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Babe Ruth, Randy Johnson, Detroit Tigers discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Radio what's happening for all sports fans in the west let's look back on this day in sports history June second we'll start out today in nineteen thirty five the day Babe Ruth announced his retirement from baseball at age forty Babe would retire with seven hundred and fourteen home runs a record that would stand for thirty nine years people also forget the Babe was quite a pitcher which is why he is considered one of if not the greatest baseball player of all time jumping way ahead to today in nineteen ninety Randy Johnson pitched the first no hitter in Seattle Mariners history as he beat the Detroit Tigers to do nothing it was the first no hitter at the kingdom which opened for baseball in nineteen seventy seven he also threw a perfect game at age forty in two thousand four and today in twenty eleven Dirk Nowitzki makes the tie breaking layup with three point six seconds left and the Dallas Mavericks roared back from fifteen points down in the fourth quarter to beat the Miami Heat ninety five ninety three and tied the NBA finals at one game apiece the mavs outscored the heat twenty two to five down the stretch and pulled off the biggest comeback win in the NBA finals since nineteen ninety two the mass would go on to win their first NBA title now you know today in sports history I heart radio my.

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