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I'm babbling I'm your host for the show and also the owner of the campus has been attended telegraph since may of two thousand eight I'm in the oceans two thousand eleven pride that I was a student what we do is who are the people right here in your backyard tell them understand there are strategies that can help protect them in down markets as well as profit in those down markets how you've been doing in the markets that's a good question the starter that freight with let's look at this for the Dow Jones industrial average in the last twenty two weeks the fifty two weeks use me as her up twenty point one two percent the S. and P. five hundred in the last fifty two weeks one of twenty five point seven seven percent and the tech heavy nasdaq composite the last fifty two weeks of thirty one point six six percent what kind of return to you getting what we're turns like that of men for you when your family your future that's the goal of what we talk about here today because we know with twenty two years of experience around the world that once people have a disciplined approach that they can possibly increase the returns in the market and they can protect the wealth they've created over time you know most people gave money back in two thousand and two thousand eight the Wall Street journal said a majority of Americans lost forty percent of their net worth between two thousand seven and two thousand ten what we know we know that most people are doing the exact same things now that they were doing then was Einstein was said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcome of the definition of senator definitions any don't be insane start looking at your portfolio in understanding that there is an opportunity for you to protect the wealth that you've created over the last ten years in this incredible bull market and if you haven't created any well what do you have to do to start to understand what creates wealth for people in these markets now the industry will tell you and me there's no way that we can do this but it's like anything else their activities and strategies that are learning consistently applied to the market at a given time to do what give you a higher probability of success there's no magic there's no mystery and you don't have to have an hour a Harvard MBA what you have to have his consistency and understanding of the strategies that work and it may be more important now there's been a long time of your first and listen to the show you see that he was a lot of articles underscore the validity the count it was a different kind of show I'm not here to to to talk about what we do when I'm not here to sell you want a product to read from a brochure or say you should give us your money will manager for two percent are you should be fearful put in a new way now I'm here to say that there are opportunities for individuals once they get engaged in this to learn and that's what we do we are was were an educational forum with twelve going to our twenty third year we've been intended telegraph since may of two thousand and eight we've been around the world now in forty eight campuses eight countries for twenty three years I like to say from Dallas to do by to right here in Detroit with the campus that's here to help individuals like you would like me understand what the markets are doing so whether you've never been in the market but you're interested with you're in the market and you're getting a great return Richard what the next market's gonna look like when it goes down or you're not getting the kind of returns in this Feb is mac we better or you get those four one Kazin IRA's in portfolios that were hurt in two thousand and two thousand a year in the right place you're in the right places will talk about what's going on the market and what that could mean to you and here's an article from market watch I use a lot of articles in here's one in this article says the S. and P. five hundred is now more over valued than ever the article says the standard and poor five hundred price to sales ratio is well above its dot com bubble peak they also show what sharpness article that shows that price relative to sales for the S. and P. five hundred at a record high well in excess of what they were in two thousand or two thousand seven at those peak some other measures like the median price to earnings ratio which exclude this univac to very profitable in very unprofitable companies shows the S. and P. five hundred over valued by nearly thirty percent versus the typical valuation levels seen since nineteen sixty four now before we get too into the weeds don't let this intimidate you what we're talking about here is just underscoring that you need to be cautious and prepared in these markets to take care of yourself in these markets why well because the simple fact is at some point in some way the market will come down matter fact this is Jeremy Siegel it he he he he's got a call down twenty thousand while back is mental called out twenty thousand says one of the biggest stock market dangers in twenty twenty these people could be throwing risk to the wind as we said actually would not we who is this guy what he's professor of the use of these press for finance university of Pennsylvania Wharton school of business so we can analyze what he's talking about his actual on the dangers that people could be throwing risk to the wind and this could be a run away we sometimes call that a melt up introduces price is too high and then it is a shock you come down to earth and that could impact pricey that's what you don't want to happen to your portfolio definitely want to go up but you don't want to come down and by the way in down markets you can make money keep in mind the people on Wall Street don't go get jobs at Walmart when the market drops the apply the appropriate tactic for that given market we're gonna talk about that appropriate tactic in that signal or the in a proper wanted the talking about but if this interests you give us a call at eight eight eight two five zero eight seven two three I'm offering series a convenient proven workshops is that sweet is a powerful their comprehensive that about three have always long you're gonna see the common mistakes.

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