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I'm Mary Louise Kelley, and I'm Ari Shapiro. This hour we interview the president's special envoy to Venezuela. Also, Alabama Senator Doug Jones on his memoir about the Birmingham church bombings and how he prosecuted the crime decades later. Yes, things were coming up. I think our parents took great pains to shelter us to keep us from seeing all the good the bad and the plus the rod starts this weekend. Nine hundred miles across Alaska, we meet a musher competing for the first time. If I think about the race, it's terrifying. But if I think about being out there with my dogs who are my best friends, and my family, I just get so much strength from that. I the newscast. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. President Trump has tweeted to clarify that he holds North Korea responsible for the death of Otto warmbier a young American held captive in the country is NPR's tamer Keith explains it came after the warm beer family released. A scathing statement following his summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN President Trump made some comments about Otto warmbier and Kim that produced near-universal backlash in those prisons and those camps. You have a lot of people and some really bad things happen to auto some really really bad thing. Why are you what he tells me? He tells me that he didn't know about it. And I will take him at his word warm beers family responded, quote, Kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son auto, adding no excuses or lavish praise can change that Trump has now tweeted that he was misinterpreted. And of course, he holds North Korea responsible for autos mistreatment. And Daf Trump made no mention of Kim Jong in his tweets tamra, Keith NPR news. The White House. Paul manafort's lawyers are asking a federal judge for a lighter sentence in his Virginia tax Bank fraud case in a sentencing memo filed today attorneys for Manafort say the federal guidelines call for nineteen and a half to twenty four years in prison and would result in punishment. They argue is disproportionate to their clients offenses argument afford as a first time offender remorseful for his conduct. Manafort was convicted by a federal jury in August of five counts of false tax returns, one kind of failing to declare a foreign Bank account and to council Bank fraud. He's due for sentencing in March on March, seventh the governor of Washington state has joined a growing list of Democrats running for president in twenty twenty. Jay Inslee, also becomes the first governor seeking to replace President Trump Austin Jenkins of north west news network reports he wants to make climate change the focus of his campaign instantly held his campaign kickoff in the warehouse of a solar installation company. So I am announcing today that I make candidate to become the next president of the United States..

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