Naperville rejects mask mandate in split council vote, Chicago


Made their feelings known in a hot topic at last night's Naperville City Council meeting. When all the dust had settled, the council voted down and proposal to acquire mask wearing in that West suburb, Mayor Steve Cherica had brought up the idea of discussing whether or not to have a mask mandate a few weeks ago. Then he was photographed not wearing a mask while standing with other unmasked people that his daughter Jenna's wedding in Florida. He addressed the matter last night, saying he and his wife had tested negative before heading to Florida. I followed all that states guidelines so that was widely shared on social media. The print papers was a photo of my wife and me and our Children and our grandchildren. This is our covert bubble. Then, after all public comments were red or given by Naperville citizens, the City Council voted 5 to 4 against requiring mask wearing

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