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Listen to what. Chris griggs said on sixty minutes last night. There's no foreign power that is flipping votes. There's no domestic actor flipping votes. I'd better right. We did it right. This was a secure election tonight. Joe digenova who used to be in the nineteen ninety a reasonably respected washington lawyer has collapsed into the point of an i mean mentally collapsed to the point where he said tonight that chris krebs who we just saw. There should be taken out at dawn and shot Now that's the kind of thing that's going to get you disbarred. Possibly in washington dc. And who knows what's gonna be left to rig juliani law license when this is over obviously calling for someone to be shot calling for violence on someone is reprehensible and the idea is that this is part of this. This is what happens when conspiracy theories get out of hand and where you have someone like the president who is has a big bully pulpit a big powerful voice as being president of the united states amplifying and spreading conspiracy theories you have people in lockstep with the president saying crazy things now of course the president is not said that christopher crabs could be shot. That's clear at least for now but what we do know. Is that the people around president. They've all been saying things they're just simply don't make sense. I mean you think about really guiliani and saying that there are dead people voting. You think about Sidney powell saying that there's some sort of venezuelan conspiracy theory and that the venezuelans are behind. Why why the government didn't wasn't able to to have an election with integrity. All of these things are false. This idea that you're calling for christopher comes to be shot is really scary but it just the tip the iceberg so many people who find themselves on the other side of president trump we we all in some ways understand that there is there violent intent behind this you think the fact that these election workers that are just simply counting the votes simply doing their jobs. They are getting death threats. They're having to hire security to to protect themselves. These scary times. And i think that the president Some of this the bucks in some ways talks with the president and his own language but of course that person saying that christopher crevice should be shot that's of course going even farther than president. Trump has gone so we'll have to just watch that space to see what actually happens in that case a on when we look at The trump sorry the biden white house staff announcement today. A jen psaki for example as white house press secretary. That just a typifies. What we're seeing in all of these choices. Joe biden's basically going to people who have already proved they can do these jobs. And many of whom have done a version of these jobs in the past and some in the campaign. And when you imagine a jen. Psaki ron white house. Press briefing room starting january twenty first That is a return to normal. That would have been forgotten If the trump presidency had continued essentially valid point in in some respects. The hiring of jen psaki and the other people on that. Communications team is so unremarkable. Because these are just sorta standard. I'll be very accomplished. In extremely capable professionals in dc on the other hand the point of we have is this current administration which has turned the briefing room into essentially a a chance to spread donald trump propaganda. That is not tethered to reality And so what we have to do. We have to adjust our expectations. I don't want to like lower. The bar too much for gen. No she can clear it but you know we need to have a return of normalcy of backs of information a big In the briefing room. Because that's not just a chance for the president to get his word out. It's a chance for the american public to understand what the machinations of government are doing and what they're taxpayer-funded representatives are doing. And i hope that you know jen appreciates that mission reinstates it and like you said it shouldn't be a remarkable higher but there is a huge task ahead of her not just in advancing clients interest in this case the president but in restoring very either of trust that i think is instrumental to the functioning democracy quickly. Before you go you'll be in that white house. Press briefing room with jen psaki. What do you anticipate Starting january twenty first in that room for why anticipate actual briefings which we have not seen regularly with the trump administration. I expect someone who's gonna come to the pulpit and the accurate and be fair Obviously offering defenses of president-elect fighting then president biden and we're going to of course have tense exchanges. Reporters are always going to be pushing wanting more information. But i think there's going be a level of respect that has not been there in the last four years both with her treating reporters in screaming at them. Criticizing them in the way that we've seen with the trump administration you michelle cinder and sam stein. Thank you very much restoring off our discussion really appreciate it. thank you both.

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