A highlight from Growing as a software engineer

The Changelog


Welcome back everyone. This is the chains like a podcast speech in the hackers the leaders and the innovators in the software world. I'm out of the kovach editor and chief here changelog on today. Show top gear gay oros about his journey as a software engineer gary every step down from his role as engineering manager at uber to pursue his next thing but that next big thing isn't quite clear to him yet. So in the meantime he's using this bright to read a few books and blah mortis what he's learned along the way he's also validating. Some sort of by dmc has on platform engineering. His first book is available to read right. Now it's called the tech remain inside out and it offers a practical guide to ready to resume and has written by the people who do the resume screening himself as well both tops. Give us quite a bit to talk about so you go happy to have you here. It's been i guess an interesting journey because in the pre call to this show you'd mentioned the recent spotify show. He did on backstage. And you don't meet people face to face you see their avatars kind of going around. I saw the conversation. That back to you and i saw this book. You're writing at least a couple books and some of your journey. And i was like can get on the show so here you are nice to have you here.

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