What to watch in all five NBA Christmas Day games


Sick it up to let's go to the nba Who went from the players stating they weren't gonna play till january and the league. Say you're going to play at christmas and the players saying no. We're not start until january the legally. No seriously you're starting on christmas. And they are. They are actually starting on christmas. We have we have games christmas day. Nba we've got five games announced in the nba Maverick's aunt lakers pelicans add heat. Golden state warriors will visit the milwaukee bucks. That's going to play the celtics. So that's a kyrie irving revenge game if you believe in that kind of stuff and then We got the clippers and denver. I believe that's gonna be the last game of the night. But what. I'm looking at his. Luka doncic shaw getting a showcase game against the lakers christmas day. That's going to be a great introduction for the five or six people that watch basketball. That don't know the don't know everything about luca at this point Pelicans and heat like zion williamson a christmas day game. The pelicans played on christmas day last year. It believe the nuggets bite ziad with the injury so Good good opportunity to showcase ion williamson golden statement walkie without clay. How much can steph do with the kid from memphis as james wiseman And not clippers and denver. I mean that's just too great teams from the western conference We'll see what they're gonna do. I mean quite leonard still there. They underachieved last year. They're gonna they're gonna be looking to do a little bit more this year

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