A highlight from Wait Wait's Letter from the Editors IV


I'm here with jennifer and out. And we are two of the show's producers or editors and this is the place where we bring you all the stuff we couldn't fit into the regular podcast. We didn't have a shell last week. It was thanksgiving mike. How was your thanksgiving. It was great and so that is why we are bringing you. Some leftovers from weeks gone by. We have more from our panel. Peter gross maeve and eugene cordeiro. But first here's a little treat from alonzo faith and adam burke alonzo team of scientists are being lauded this week for an experiment where they studied the vocal patterns of alligators. After they made the allegation. Do what wow. It's just one of those things alligator question in the mind florida. Which means it could be anything. It could be anything on earth beating them. A certain thing is not lost but now can you give me. Can you give me some kind of hint will. The trick is getting the alligator to suck on the balloon. O- they gave them helium. Yes they gave the alligators. Helium debris scientists were conducting a study about the vocal residences of alligators. Which is boring. But you know what's not alligators talking with funny voices. There are a lot less scary when they're like fluid up to you going. Come into the water. I'm going to pay you. Do you know how much better that show. It alligator the chipmunks. Would it be wrong episode in the second episode of just being alligators. Are we sure this wasn't just a bet bet. You can't get that alligator to suck up the helium out. Maeve disneyland may still be closed. But amusement park lovers have another choice of wonderland cal car in germany. A theme park built inside an old. What oh at car factory. I'll give you a hint. You'll have so much fun at sunderland cal car you'll glow a radium radium factory. Yes a nuclear power plant chernobyl. More like bill wonderland cow car. Theme park is built in nineteen and five but it never went online due to safety concerns because when you get on a rollercoaster you want to know was built somewhere. That had to shut down because it was not safe. Man that's train of thought is a nuclear power plant. Oh i won't go but don't worry it was never potline. Okay i'll go but because it wasn't safe Maybe i go know. Apparently it's it's great. They offer forty rides. They have a swing ride inside the old cooling tower which they've painted look really bright and fun. It's great and just like disneyland. There are fun. Characters everywhere but underlined the giant mouse with the body of a man. Just keep saying. Please kill me. It's nice to know that other countries have horrible ideas. Because this does sound like something where you'd be park in alabama inside an old knife factory or they tell you maybe have been locked inside too long but i was looking at the website for sunderland calc and it looked great. All these kids having a good time. And i'm telling you this with your price of admission you get as much soda ice cream and french fries. You want true fact. But i don't really know of giving a child as much soda. Like i don't know who's the parent here for the as much soda and as much ice cream and then putting them on a rollercoaster it towards a nuclear reactor varma tori Sounds like an origin story. For a superhero.

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