A highlight from DOJ investigating 'bribery-for-pardon' scheme


Text news to sixty four thousand twelve hundred. I am our email where we're tracking several big news stories right now. This crucial vote coming into tonight on. Who gets the covid vaccine. I cd ruling announcing this vaccine will go first to healthcare workers and nursing home residents that's a development that may sound logical but this is now official. Another sign of the planning for these coming vaccines also new reports. President trump and his top officials are rushing to use their powers in government before they run out the intelligence committee. Adam schiff joins me live on that story tonight. There are several angles plus news for trump's legal strategy has basically got the top government lawyer. Donald trump used to praise most now undercutting him. And that's our top story right now. Attorney general bar saying something. Today that is on the one hand entirely ordinary. The election is over and there was no widespread voter fraud but on the other hand that is also big news and allegedly news. Donald trump after all the battles where bar loyally politically took donald trump's side and public. Far doing an interview to reaffirm no evidence of systemic voter fraud. Now we always try to keep it real with you. So let's be clear if this sounds a little familiar it is because it's a pr rerun of what. Bill barr put on paper after the election that there was no major voter fraud in fact it was just days after the election. When the media savvy attorney general tried to give donald trump one last little itty bitty sugar high couple of headlines as a balm for the loss and he released this official looking memo and the very night. That news broke. If you were with us you may recall. We reported that legally the memo was just bad. News for trump for trump. Because if found no voter fraud added only lightly tweet. The timeline for any unlikely voter fraud probes. Now i'll tell you we look back at. This bar actually did get dramatic headlines like this. That's from that night. Not tonight which had the new york times implying. There was some big special new authority which was a bit of a stretch. Now here we are three weeks. Later and bar is delivering all of this as one more predictable chaser because today's scoop offer to the press. We'll show you right here. You can judge for yourself. That was already in the fine print from that original memo about three weeks ago stating that fraud and irregularities did not change the outcome of the election so donald trump's not getting the answers he wants from the top lawyer and government and assign of trump's lack of control over bar at least on this matter right now. Trump wasn't calling doj or calling him in for a meeting. He was just reduced to plaintively tweeting at the outgoing. Ag today but let's be clear. None of that means that donald trump's powers as chief executive are over yet far from it he is the president and one of the president's greatest unitary or unreviewable powers is over parts and we now have reporting that donald trump has begun discussing giving pardon to his own lawyer. Rudy giuliani the to discussing a preemptive pardon as recently as last week the new york times reports. Now those famed prosecutors in the southern district of new york have been investigating their former chief. Giuliani reportedly over his ukraine work. Which of course helped get his client. Impeached rudolph giuliani under investigation for his role. in ukraine. We learned that federal prosecutors in new york are investigating giuliani's consulting firm. Giuliani is under investigation. By the us. Eternity and in new york. Now there have been no reports of any indictments of giuliani sense. That news broke. But here's a really striking right now. This isn't just big news about a couple of big names. rudy giuliani. Whatever you think of him as a famous american. What's striking is that rudy. Giuliani knows how this works and he publicly denied committing any crimes related to all this he said if the prosecutors there saying he committed a crime. They're out of their minds quote. I've been doing this for fifty years. I know how to not commit crimes and that may be true but if rudy giuliani is certain that he didn't commit any crimes or pasadena lines why is he even discussing a preemptive pardon for himself. You don't need one of those unless think you face real jeopardy and if you're a lawyer you know what really legal jeopardy looks like i mean. People may be cynical about a lot of things but courts and juries just convict people with no evidence indeed to take some hard evidence to get anywhere close to a unanimous verdict for criminal conviction and that goes to the very next legal headache at the white house right now donald trump's own supporters a very prominent one suggesting that maybe like giuliani trump himself also needs a partner in should try to give it to himself biden ever became president trump. Pardon yourself in part in your family now says no on whether donald trump would be about to do that before he leaves office. But this is also for your context. A random comment. Donald trump famously listens to hannity. He's followed some of his past public suggestions and cnn reports a former white house officials saw trump become obsessed with the pardon power reportedly asked about that very thing self party. Yeah we'll be unprecedented and doj rules currently bar self pardon by the president but there's no final word on this one from the supreme court history is somewhat instructive. Remember that even though richard. Nixon resigned over his misconduct. Does he faced a potential senate conviction. He's still never tried to pardon himself.

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