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Hey ben what's up pop quiz. How do you pronounce. The capital of kentucky. Is it louisville. Louisville or lewis. Ville big deal out of this. You know there's like oh it's not cold lewisville that's and it's like no you can call louisville. You can be right here. You are failing this pop quiz. That's not the capital of kentucky. What is you really. Don't know this. Oh right it's lexington. How dare you high. Jeremy where the accident prone travelers behind practical on less. We're here to dish out. Travel tips tricks. Useful trivia. useless trivia mildly entertaining anecdotes. And everything else you need to avoid making all of our terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible mistakes and we make a lot of mistakes. This episode is all about leia's hometown louisville k. war. I've thought i was going to do the fun. Indra word that out of your system ella fitzgerald yes. When people think of my hometown louisville kentucky or you can also say lowell. Nobody'll they often think of the derby fried chicken bourbon. Baseball bats college basketball. Feel free to jump in at any point here honey. I think you covered them all rude. I'm kidding as a snooty californian i can say very proudly i fucking love louisville. What was it like growing up there. I mean i grew up on a farm. We had a lot of animals around. It was really beautiful. We had border collies and horses. There's lots of horseback writing about really stereotyping yourself. As i've met more and more people louisville. I find it hilarious. That you all have a sorry. Y'all have like a rehearsed monologue about the city like our water is the purest in the country where the sixteenth largest city rattle off all a bunch of payments people from there like mohammed ali. Bryson taylor thompson diane sawyer. Jennifer lawrence nicole scherzinger from the pussycat dolls. Come on now is should be known upfront. There are two very different. Stories of louisville louisville is very much a split or technically speaking geographically segregated city. There are a lot of different facets to my hometown and they're often in direct opposition with one another and in this episode. We're going to look at those different sides attempts to examine where they came from and see how those stories live on today. We're going to go deep into some pretty complex history and hopefully distill it down. Was that a bourbon with. We put a cork in it. You know what man was better. And i have proof you really barreling through this episode. So far my god we just used up all of our all of our bourbon bonds and it's only the first two minutes all right. Let's turn the clock back and see how louisville has left its mark on the world. it's maker's mark. I set you up for that. Let's start with the native history. Around louisville and a land acknowledgement native american history in the louisville area stretches back over eleven thousand years and archaeological finds in the many caves surrounding level imply that many different indigenous communities call this area home however do european colonizers straight up decimating native people. Who've we're not really sure which tribes lived where we do know that the general kentucky area had shawnee cherokee chickasaw muscle and you tribes and in the eighteen. Hundreds of those tribes are all forced to cede their lands and relocate mostly to the west of the mississippi river. You'll see names from a lot of those indigenous communities around town Plus a few others. That i'm not really sure. Why like we have ashani high school we have a cherokee park but then we also have an iroquois highschool in an iroquois park and apparently they didn't actually live here so i don't know i guess an attempt was made. Actually i looked this up. Turns out the iroquois tribe helped european colonizers take over the ohio river valley where louisville is located. Oh well that's that's fun. That explains that then guess so bringing us up to the founding of the country and of the city during the revolutionary war. Lieutenant colonel george. Rogers clark remember that name clark and a group of settlers settled on the now submerged island near the falls of the ohio. In order to organized attacks on the brits in the west legitimately did not realize there is an island sunk into the ohio river. That's pretty cool. We're all learning here. The settlers built a town across from the river and named it after king louis. Some roman numerals on our script. There that i can't read the sixteenth. Thank you because he was all about our revolution. Yeah like marquis de la fayette talked about in hamilton. How many hamels nervous is are there going to be in this episode about as many as your donner party references and all of our california episodes touche french. Appropes nice odd. It was also around this time. That louisville became the origin of one of its greatest contributions to america jennifer lawrence bourbon so close and speaking of bourbon mentally or currently sipping yes shoutouts a rabbit hole considering how much we know about the science industry and taste of bourbon. There's a lot that we don't know about its origins. We know that there is like a bunch of corn lying around and some farmers were like. Hey y'all let's make some booze out of this but the exact genius who came up with in bourbon.

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