Interview With Michael Spedden of 'Fowl Players Radio'


Welcome to many podcasts. The podcast about podcasts. Now podcasting from the sherpa chalet on matt podcast era. He's your host jim. The podcast shah rebels in too. Many podcasts the podcast about podcasts. And so much more. You know who you're listening to right. Seen five me. Jim the podcast sherpa bringing you another wonderful interview. And i think you're really gonna like my guest today. Who's out guest today. show pa. He was a lot of fun to talk to. His name is michael sped. And many times that i get his name wrong in the interview. He told me what the name is that he uses for his podcast. And that is the name. Obviously us and i misheard him and hello sherpa. These name was right on the little zoom screen. I could've just read it right there but we were just talking and having so fun. I wasn't paying attention to the name on the little corner. Zoom screen play. It happens but michael is such a great guy. We're actually close in age. And he said it was fun talking to someone who was close in age because he was making references that i understood and to return the favor i actually appeared on his podcast called foul players radio. And you got to check that out. That's a lotta fun on that. Show mike a great guy had a super time on his show. And i think he had some fun over here to didn't even have to make him pay to come on it or anything like that. He did it absolutely free. Free didn't charge them a dime. If you want to listen to michael's free interview on this show how to listen. Hello rebels i send something foul. No it's mike stagnant from foul players. Radio is my guest. He's a musician. A podcast an actor and we're gonna be talking about his career so we can get to know him so you guys might want to check out his podcast you mike. Welcome to the sheriff. La it's great to be here with you tonight. greeting from maryland. All the way up to long island great to talk income. I appreciate you having me having pleasure to have you here sir. I always like to start off by asking. I guess to tell a little bit about themselves. So if you can k- Right now i'm the host of foul players radio. That's f o w l like the bird It's named after my murder. Mystery company called the foul players of perryville. Perryville is where. I live in maryland. Were about fifty miles northeast of baltimore. The reason why we make that ton or whatever you would say it would be for. Foul is because The town i live in is right on the susquehanna river which is known for its multiple species of waterfowl people. They have actual waterfowl museums ear to talk about that stuff so we figured it'd be a nice play on words for foul play my head. The murder mystery company for a couple of years. Now we perform on boats and on trains office parties and vineyards and whoever have us. I also am a musician. I right now have an acoustic duo. That i've had for about fifteen years and we're kind of comedy act sort of similar to the smothers brothers. It's two of us. We play acoustic guitars and the humor isn't as much when with the banter between us as it is with the humor's actually in songs so that's called. The uncle moldy show. And we perform a in the maryland area a wide knob sometimes in pennsylvania to most recently. You may know me as the viking. And the jim what worth commercials while riding around on the bus. I was the big viking. That came out of the back You've also seen me this year on kimmy versus the reverend if you haven't seen that movie it's based on the unbreakable kimmy schmidt and it's there's a scene where kimmy and tight us. The two main characters are way out in the country and they come into a bar. There's a leonard skinner ban. they're playing. And i'm the bartender in there. I won't give away the movie. But it's an interactive movie but no matter what choices you make in the movie. You always get to see me. So that's the good part about it. You know it's it's not like that movie revolved around me or anything like that We have been nominated nominated for a couple of emmys I believe it was for best special perhaps and then Titus burgess has been nominated for an emmy for male performance. I believe as well. I'm excited about that. I'm also appeared on gotham. I wish unseasoned. Five episode eight played one of the penguins henchman named dale. I was shot to death in the third scene. I was in. And i've also done a number of discovery. Id shows and some mom commercials down here in maryland. When i was starting out and everything. I'm also years ago. I was in the hair bands of the eighties. I had a big hairband back. In those days. I had a band that was kind of more like the call to little bit. After that when the hairband started going out we were called orange seed parade we played. Cbgb's in new york a number of times. And you know open for a couple of national acts over the years. So yes so. That's me in a nutshell so we can get a little more specific if you like Depending well you know the first thing that you said that caught my ear was the susquehanna river and i was thinking of that old. Avidan castillo routine about the susquehanna company. All right right squad at company there may have been years ago but the majority of there's only a couple of miles of the susquehanna bets in maryland and it actually goes all the way up to near upstate new york so there could be something on the way you know that river goes through lancaster and harrisburg and it goes quite a ways up. I believe almost up to upstate. New york if it doesn't start up there somewhere along the line. I'm sure there was and with your murder mystery troop you. You're an actor in the troupe. Right yes i am. Yeah okay so basically your book like for parties and stuff like that and there's someone who's been killed in they have to figure out if it's you or one of your co stars did it. Yeah yeah exactly. Exactly exac- i'm normally the detective and the host i'm normally the host and the narrator at the beginning and i have a row i have roster i would save about fifteen or twenty really good actors from this area here and we we kind of rotate. We were on trains. One of our biggest clients is the western maryland. Scenic railroad all. the way out and cumberland. That's all the way out. The panhandle of maryland out west year west virginia. But we also do the pride of or not the pride of the susquehanna we do. The black eyed susan riverboat. We do Slate form brewery. We do some microbreweries. Mount felix winery a lot of the tasting rooms where they have events and trains and boats and office parties corporate events. Whoever will have us

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