Brooklyn Red Zone To Turn Orange Amid Coronavirus Progress


Test locations there. Juliet Papa 10. 10 wins news. There is some good news in the mist of the covert storm. Though Governor Cuomo's has one part of Brooklyn is no longer in the red areas Ramsey is with Brooklyn's Coronavirus Micro Cluster has shifted its colors from red. Toe orange, and it could have happened soon enough for people here, like Esther should've done it sooner. Even Governor Cuomo says the area here around King's Highway and Coney Island Avenue has made significant improvements to slow the spread. But he also acknowledged his controversial decision to designate this area as a red zone. People don't like the restrictions. I understand that But it worked. For weeks. Non essential businesses were shut down as well as schools, which Stephen Gabbeh says was hard on the community here early. I think people are upset. To see this area as a red zone. But Ellie Miller, who works in the area here, says behaviors changed and he believes people will continue to do what is needed to keep the virus from spreading wearing a master's habit. Once they got to have it, then they're doing it and we just wanted to be done already.

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