Will finally scrapped the law.


Fox News. The president just again predicted he will win the election writing. We're making big progress results start to come in next week. They have. The attorney General Bill Bar directed investigations into any substantial voting irregularities but not far fetched claims immediately after bar put this memo out yesterday, Richard Pilger, who's the Justice Department official who oversees investigations into voting crimes, resigned, stepping down from his role. Fox's Gillian Turner, the White House's claiming Democrats are quote welcoming fraud without providing any tangible evidence of Pennsylvania's Democratic attorney general Tweeted. He will protect the will of the people that the Trump campaign To throw out legal votes as President elect Joe Biden prepares his transition team, Obama care's back at the Supreme Court for another hearing next hour. Another Republican attempt to get rid of the law they say's flawed, bad for health care. One of the reasons Democrats try to block New Justice Amy Cockney barrettes. Fox's John Decker Live in Washington, the Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments in California versus Texas, a case that rests on the theory that when Congress repealed a single provision of the

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