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This is gary v audio experience so If tell me if this doesn't work you can just read this verbatim or give you like a detailed overview nano forbade them verbatim. Gotcha okay with them. Decided on a letter yet after we read you can like pick one so craig a letter havener nation. I'm turning forty five today with that in mind. Started to really think about the next forty five years because ninety feels about right for me to hang up my jersey for the first time in my brain. I'm picturing life after ninety. And i can imagine life would be very different after that that being said i'll probably work well into my eighties. So what does that mean. If i retire at ninety nine. Forty five is halftime right. It's an interesting age for me. It feels like i'm walking back into the field. After halftime the saturday in. That makes me feel incredible. I feel forty. Five to fifty is when i met my most powerful if this analogy plays out the next five years may end up being the greatest part of my decade. Let's let's let's ship at the forty five to fifty five call called the next decade and obviously tweaks the back end of that sentence. Okay so so sorry. Say so you're going to say next decade just know the next five years the next decade the next decade. yep mhm okay I've been feeling it. I feel like i am syncing smoke. I feel like forty three to forty five has all been one. Big game halftime adjustments. I become more self aware more where my shortcomings more willing to talk about. Shit dirt in how it all relates to the process. Let me explain. I use the term. Smoke the fire as may use percolating to action. I also use the analogy in. I used a lot of analogies offending thirty one balls in the air dropping seven. The reason i can hold twenty four balls in the air is because i'm always syncing smoke. I'm always i gating. I'm always adding another layer. Then boom people can watch out what happens some only see the last piece the final fire but if they look closely they can see a build. This is different from the idea behind blood in the water being able to send smoke is a process that i'm finally going to break down for you. It's all about efficiency is more is. This article is about productivity more than anything. People use tools for efficiencies while i use emotions perspective and insight. It's because a lack of fear makes you more productive. You need to have a tremendous relationship with time and understand that in order to make progress. You must not fear. Idealization relativity doesn't have to be slack or any other at some people are like me. And i'm not real productive person. I'm a theoretical emotionally productive person. I've never mentioned that made it that to myself. You can do many things if you are always in smoke mode there is one idea. And then there's another idea. Don't be afraid to ita and create. That's where i'm going with this theory. Maybe we should create a new genre of emotional productivity. That's what i am embarking on. Maybe i'll write a book in seven years in. That will be the most impactful educational thing i've ever done again. I'm always is creating. i'm all. I'm doing it right now as i right. I'll take something from the sit down. That may help me find tax or take something from gallery media or one thirty seven. Pm meeting that's going to help me. Am i speaking career smoke. The fire is a constant for me. Someone tag me something earlier before. I wrote this. It said that group thinking was better than individual thinking. It made me think. Do i internalize most things as a group of people would rather than just me as the individual. What i mean is i'm human feedback loop. It's how i navigate through my content and it's a lot of small businesses can navigate through their own content real quick. Oh somewhere in this area. I think it's a huge opportunity to tag to the pcs or the concept of the pcs cool. Okay what i mean. It's almost like what you're talking. There you could segue by saying in other words. Divi was coming out of school. I'd probably want to get a job as a pcs some something like that again and again. So maybe they'd Rather than just me as an individual in the next say. Like if i was coming out of school i may be Post creative scott. Strategist if i was. If i was coming out of school. I would look for job like the pcs to see us. Okay what. I mean it. I'm a huge feedback. Loop it's how. I navigate through my content in his. How a lot of small businesses can navigate through their own content. Having more people around gives me more energy because that's basically more ways to get feedback. It's probably why. Have comedic styles. Mike keynotes because laughter. Such an affirmation. Maybe it's the reason why curse so much. I've never thought this through. I mean it could also be. Because i love richard pryor and cure shock regardless when i cursed the first time i always use that reaction to gauge my language using emotional empathy when communicating as to the smoke it helps you continue to make adjustments at halftime. Keep in mind. Some things in life are earned and others are natural. Not everyone is a natural ater however you can work to eventually earn empathy and create in communication skills. There is value in working with something but doesn't come naturally to you. I know that after going through a physical health transformation. I'm the least naturally healthy person. There is from thirty two on when i gained ten pounds fast. I said oh. My grandfather died from heart disease and i feel like i'm built like him so from thirty two on when i gained ten pounds fast. I said oh my grandfather died from heart disease and i feel like i'm built like him so from thirty two to thirty eight a have four different trainers. Let's just say that didn't work out. It was more than what i was doing.

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