Reasons Everyone Should Visit Houston


Should someone come to houston. texas acetate. don't really think about houston all about when they hear houston is a space center. Houston actually has i think. It's supposedly had the most restaurants per capita so there's a lot of food here. It has a really good population mix because of his proximity to mexico. You get what's called tex-mex which is a kind of mikla. Mr for mexican in texas food i guess or american footprint is quite good and there's also other large ethnic populations here so you'll find Didn't population here and there is actually some folks from other african dies poorer. That's here as well. There's really lot more to do than people think plus is all the major sports teams are here so there is quite a bit to do that. They just don't think about and all day but think about it's a space center but that's just one thing that you can do houston. I cannot verify the top ten restaurants per capita in the. Us list does not seem to have. Although strangely enough it does hit my hometown of san jose california issue. San francisco is being number one which i believe. 'cause nobody there cooks but guess. What would you recommend that somebody do when they come to houston. I actually have a huge list of things that people can do. I was bored one day and came up with. I think about forty five three things that you can do in houston for different free things. Yes no shortage of things to do in houston itself. Museum district is actually very large. Most people that come to houston they are here for oil because those are the Ahead of his hair they also come down for the medical center and when united was based here it might have been the largest employer at the time but i don't case anymore so there is a slew of museums at least eighteen or sally's eighteen free ones. Anyway we also have a lot of parks like any large city and because there's so much oil. Many in houston is a lot of people giving money to the parks into the parks action. A very well developed than really. Well kept. Well as i told you ahead of time. I'm gonna get you into more specifics. So okay where should we start all right. So can we talk about transportations. Says the airline guy. Alan guy right. He said has to year. Boy says a hobby airport. Which up until a few. I guess last week was dominated by south west but then southwest is now going to have flight sida houston intercontinental airport and in the continent airports named after george bush. Not the son but the father although the bush's actually live here in houston so transportation wise And they are actually connected to the city but by buses. Everybody drives in. Houston if you come the best thing for you to do if you really want to get around the city. I guess efficiently is to rent a car. There is a local bus service that it was like one or two that comes from it takes about him and only cost dollar twenty five cents to get from houston intercontinental downtown houston and then there is the eighty eight. I think it is now that goes from houston hobby into downtown houston and methodology and a quarter. But i would recommend getting a car because it's so easy to city is very large and getting a car is probably the best way to get around and then we're going to start. We can actually start downtown so once you get your car. You're jumping forty five and you head south into into downtown as you're driving into downtown you can see the city if you want. You can stay out by the airports airports Tells around there but if you come into houston you might as well come. Stay in the city center. You can stay downtown. Houston they have all all the major chains they here. There is actually a myriad married which has the pool in the shape of texas. So yeah i haven't gone there yet but it's actually quite cool. I've seen pictures of it and there's also the hilton which is across georgia. Lebron's convention thinkers houston is a big convention city when they have cooled show which these things anymore but when they used to have the show. You could not find a hotel room in houston and the city is about. I think we're up to seven and a half million people in houston. It is the fourth largest city in the union. So i would actually get downtown. i once. you're downtown There is discovery green and discovered green is actually a park. And it's right by the georgia brown Any literally sits between the myra one side and the hilton on the other side and off to the left of that is the minute maid park which is where the baseball team. The houston astros place. Now if one thing about maid park is if you're into trains and says very old city if you go to most of us cities you'll find a union station right right and most of them are still being used as stations while the one in houston is not it is now where when you go to the astros. That is the hall big hall that you normally have for stations. Dave turned that into the entrance to the ballpark.

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